Window Trim Solutions & What to Understand About Them

Window Trim Solutions & What to Understand About Them

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To develop simple modern home designs, you’ll need to get window details right. Learning a new window trim idea is a good start. Just like with window sills, window trims also play a part in preserving the quality and aesthetics of the windows. When thinking of home upgrades and improvements – and the window comes first in your mind, what follows is to check out brilliant techniques.

There are plenty of variables at play which could dictate how you should make your choices: walls thickness, a frame of windows & the interior designs. It is crucial that you have a prudent choice with concern to your window trims otherwise you would only waste investments. Here are some tips and tricks to explore.

Simple Flat Stock Trims

They’re considered as the simplest and easiest detail in window trims since they can provide a nice clean and are likewise considered as an affordable solution. The used materials can provide a modern look with a light contrast in colors. But just like with any other solutions out there, it’s wise to know the limits and requirements.

Thin Reveal Piece

Using it around your window frames help build a thin shadow line which surrounds the frame. Reveals are typically made of two types of materials: vinyl trim pieces or metal. In choosing this, compare the pros and cons. Figure out which of the two types can present a simple yet extraordinary look to your place.

Drywall Return

In terms of appearance and cost, drywall returns can be your ally. Since wood trims are considered expensive to buy and install, a lot of builders prefer and suggest this method. Since it’s a minimal hassle procedure, it saves you from the carpentry costs or complicated activities. What’s so amazing about this option compared with others is it helps create a good window opening if carefully and properly installed.

Jamb Extension

This is another impressive solution you can check out. Usually, it matches the window frame material and provides an impression that it’s an extension of a frame, thus the name. Like with the options above, it can also provide a clean simple look. But you won’t be expecting any cost and time benefits because of the complexity of the installation process.

Above are some possible options to consider when thinking of window trims. Since every option has its associated advantages and disadvantages, it’s wise to be careful with your final choice. Spend no investments unless you’re 100% certain that its great in the long-term.

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