Why Getting Rid of Damp is Essential for Property Maintenance

Getting Rid of Damp is Essential for Property Maintenance

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Anyone who owns or manages property today will be fully aware of the high standards needed and expected. If you were to try and rent out a property that you own, it has to be kept in the best condition possible. Tenants will expect a certain standard, and one of the most common problems you need to deal with will be getting rid of damp. Put simply, a tenant will have no interest in staying in a damp home: the health risks are huge, and it’s a stain on your reputation.

By the same token, dealing with damp in your own home is an essential part of property maintenance. You simply cannot allow your property to become corroded with damp: the long-term damage that it can do to your building will be pretty significant. Out of all the problems that you can face as a home owner or landlord, damp is among the most damaging to your health and reputation. Why, then, is it such a major issue?

Why should you make every available effort to deal with a damp problem as soon as it is spotted?

Why dampness is a major problem for any home owner

Naturally, damp will eventually bring mold. Mold can have some significant impact on the health of an individual sleeping or spending a lot of time in a damp room: particularly children. Some of the most common problems associated with dampness or mold in a room will include:

  • Nasal blockages and stuffiness, making it hard to breath in the room.
  • Irritation within the throat, causing regular coughing and similar issues.
  • Annoyance to the eyes, making your eyes feel annoyed.
  • Lung conditions due to taking in the particles, which can lead to long-term issues.
  • Skin irritation when an extended amount of time is spent within the room.

For that reason, it makes sense to do all that you can to handle a damp problem as soon as it appears. It can also have serious problems in relation to people who suffer from asthma. Worst of all, mold and dampness is heavily linked to respiratory illness in otherwise healthy people – especially minors.

Not only that, but you will find that dampness and mold in the room can cause some significant issues to the property value. Someone checking out a property that is covered in damp will immediately have concerns about investment. It would then fall upon you to carry out the required property maintenance and solve the issue – hurting the value of your home.

So, damp is not just a problem from a health point of view. The aesthetic issues that comes with dampness means that, for the most people, people will refuse to invest in a dampened property. It’s an expense to any buyer, so it’s expected that you will solve the issue prior to the sale.

Don’t discount the importance of dealing with the signs of damp in your property or properties. It’s not just an inconvenience: it can be a serious impediment to your ability to live healthily, or sell the property at a profit.

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