Why Choose a Steel Staircase?

Why Choose a Steel Staircase?

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Staircases can be produced from many materials, but let us delve deeper in this piece into steel staircases and have a look into the benefits of them.

Steel is a great material to use for staircases, and if produced right it can look very aesthetically pleasing to both yourself and visitors to your premises.  Some of the main benefits of using steel for your staircase are:

Strength & Reliability

Steel is an alloy that is usually made up from extremely strong materials, some of which include iron ore and carbon.  It is as sturdy a material as you can get when it comes to a building material and one of the best things about it is that it requires little to no maintenance which can be a real time saver in the long run.
Steel also doesn’t rot and is non-combustible, whilst it isn’t very appetising for bugs or termites in the same way that wood would be for them.

You will be helping the environment

In these modern days you see stories from all over the world that trees are being felled, homes and habitats destroyed, and that global warming is increasing as a result of this.  Using steel for your staircase requires no lumber (in comparison to near enough 100% lumber if you were to use wood), and could be recyclable when it is no longer required (the global recycling rate of steel is approx. 60%).  Although you might not feel it, by using steel you are doing your little bit for the environment in terms of helping to save it.


When you think of all of the benefits that steel brings, you might be surprised to find out that it is actually quite inexpensive in comparison to other building materials you might consider using, leaving you with some extra cash in your pockets.
Another benefit relating to pricing is the value of your building.  As steel is so durable and long-lasting, it should last you a lifetime which automatically will increase the value in your property should you sell at a later stage.

More benefits of using steel for your staircases can be found online, but if you would like more information on obtaining a steel staircase for your property we recommend taking a look at Contemporary Steel Staircases, where you will find details on a host of steel staircases that you may have an interest in.

If you would like further info on any of the products on site, or want a general chat about what you might be looking for, the team at Contemporary Steel Staircases are on hand for you to be able to assist you.  We definitely recommend them, as we think they are great.

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