What Are Forged Iron Beds?

What Are Forged Iron Beds?

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When you look for a new bed, you’re going to be faced with a lot of different types. There are going to be several kinds of beds that are very lightweight and low-quality. These are designed to be taken apart so you can move them and put them back together very quickly. This type of mass-produced low-quality bed is very common, but they don’t provide great sleep or great value. They’re loud and squeaky when you are sleeping. They also do not provide the stability you want from a bed. Your best option is an iron bed, but what kind? You’ll see some terms being used in reference iron beds. Here’s what they mean.

Hand Forged

Quality iron beds online are hand-forged iron. The other options are machine forged or machine manufactured. There is also cast iron. Forging and cast iron are two very different processes. Casting iron means that the iron is heated up until it is liquid. It is then poured into a mould and allowed to cool. The cooled iron hardens into the prescribed shape and is plucked out of the mould. This is how a cast-iron pan is made. Cast iron often has some inclusions from tiny amounts of other kinds of metal. The heating and cooling process makes iron that is very hard. It cannot be bent or hammered, but it is also brittle. It’s great for cookware, but not great for beds.

If you want a bed, you want one that is forged by hand. Forging is the process of heating the iron, but not so much that it turns into liquid. It’s heated red hot and shaped by hand. The blacksmith will hammer the metal, pull it, bend it, and shape it until it is close to the desired shape. Once it is cooled, then grinders and other tools can be used to cold forge the iron into its final shape. Forged iron is more precise and slightly more flexible. The flex will not be perceptible when you’re sleeping on it; it’s mostly a flex in the microscopic inclusions, but it makes for a much more durable metal. That’s what you’re looking for in a bed.

Why Hand?

Choosing beds forged by hand is a matter of pride as well as a matter of quality. The beds that the rich and powerful sleep on are often custom jobs that are one-of-a-kind. If you buy a hand-forged bed, you can also sleep on something that is one-of-a-kind. Even if the bed manufacturer makes that same model of bed over and over, each one will be slightly unique. No other bed will be exactly like yours. That’s uniqueness you can’t get from mass-produced beds or even cast iron. Also, a hand-forged bed is one that is inspected to a level of detail that is unheard of in mass production.

As the manufacturer forges the different pieces of the bed, they’ll be working to ensure that each piece is high-quality. They’ll then join the pieces by hand and make sure that each joint is solid.

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