Weekends are for Family Not For Cleaning Messes–How to Enjoy Your Weekends Again

Weekends are for Family Not For Cleaning Messes--How to Enjoy Your Weekends Again

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Are you looking forward to a weekend having a quiet family gathering or just enjoying a game of Scrabble on a freshly-cleaned carpet? What if it’s quite the opposite and you’re dreading to wake up on Saturday morning because you have a week’s worth of dirt, dust, and grime to clean?

60 seconds is all it takes to check “Clean the House” from your checklist.

You don’t have to do the house cleaning yourself when there’s a trusted maid service Lafayette LA (see Geaux Maids Lafayette) provider in your area. All it takes is one minute to schedule a cleaning appointment at your leisure. You don’t have to wait for company working hours to book an appointment, you can do it online 24/7, whenever you’re free.

Geaux Maids House Cleaning Service Lafayette LA offers a wide range of cleaning services every day of the week. While we do have cleaning hours we stick to, we provide our clients with an option to have their house cleaned be it weekdays or weekends from 8:30 am to 6 pm.

Get Your House Cleaned by Detail-Oriented Cleaners who are trained to clean any home. No matter what size, number of rooms, and level of mess and dirt. These are professional cleaners who will come to your home armed with the best cleaning equipment and green cleaning products. We do the job thoroughly, leaving you with nothing but a clean home and a stress-free you.

Whether you need a one-time post construction cleaning Lafayette LA service, monthly, bi-weekly or weekly cleaning services Lafayette LA, Geaux Maids Lafayette has the right service to you. We are the only cleaners in your area that offers 200% guarantee on our cleaning services or we’ll re-clean for free!

Not just that but we also provide you with peace of mind with background-checked cleaners. Geaux Maids Lafayette is also bonded and insured to give our clients double the security they desire with their maid cleaning company. We provide all the supplies needed for a cleaning job done right the first time. If you have specifications to the way you want your house cleaned, talk to us. In fact, we think you’d like to know about our clients who say that we clean as if we’ve been cleaning YOUR house for YEARS! That’s how meticulous, well-trained, and skillful the Geaux Maids Lafayette cleaners are.

What’s more is that we offer more cleaning services than any inexperienced cleaner in your area. Our experience goes beyond regular house cleaning and even deep cleaning services. For many years, Geaux Maids Lafayette has also been the go-to for post construction cleaning Lafayette LA services so you can move-in to your new home or turn it over to the buyer as fast as you have your house built. We know that you want to move in as soon as possible, and we’ll give you just what you need so you can feel at home in your house just as quickly.

Thinking of moving to another city or country? Whether you’re moving towards a new job, upsizing to an estate or downsizing to live a life on the road, Geaux Maids Lafayette can clean your house for you. Our move-out cleaning Lafayette LA service is popular with everyone who is ready to bid goodbye to their house or apartment. Yes, we also do the move-out cleaning for renters who are expected to clean inside ovens, refrigerators, cabinets, and drawers, if they expect to get their deposit in full.

What are you waiting for? If you’re convinced that Geaux Maids Lafayette can help you reclaim your weekends and turn it into a fun, exciting, and relaxing weekend again, book a cleaning appointment now.

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