Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

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Every homeowner wants to minimise his or her home’s energy usage and there are multiple ways to do it. Even the smallest changes, such as replacing inefficient light bulbs, may result in noticeable reductions in energy usage.

Other ways to improve energy efficiency would be to target the appliances that use the most energy.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

Your heating and cooling equipment draws a lot of energy. Maintaining the equipment is essential as there are many components that affect energy usage.

  • Air filters
  • Coils
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Equipment size
  • Air pressure
  • Insulation
  • Heating controls

While newer heating and cooling equipment will always be more energy efficient, you can maximise the efficiency of an old system by paying attention to all of these aspects.

Cleanliness can play a huge role in energy usage so make sure that air filters and coils are frequently cleaned. While refrigerant levels only affect air conditioning, the air pressure within your ductwork will affect both heating and cooling and air pressure is dependent on both ductwork and equipment size.

Technology now allows you to control your home temperature from your smartphone; with greater control of temperature, you will be able to save energy.

Boiler Systems

If you heat your home with a boiler system, there are ways to save energy as well. For example, you can have your system flushed, which will create better flow and optimise heating potential.

It may also drastically help to upgrade or simply replace an old system.

Professional Energy-Saving Services

For energy saving in Glasgow, professional services specialise in home energy efficiency, which includes a number of extremely useful services.

  • Equipment Maintenance: Energy-saving services understand the importance of well-maintained equipment and offer servicing and repairs of all boilers and central heating systems to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • New Equipment Installation: This includes new boilers and heating systems as well as setting advanced thermostats and other smart heating controls to give you maximum power over energy usage.
  • Insulation Solutions: Proper insulation may vastly improve energy usage by trapping heat inside for longer periods of time. Your professional energy-saving service also offers insulation solutions to ensure that, along with your new or recently serviced equipment, you are reaching maximum energy potential.
  • Energy Assessments: Before any maintenance, servicing, or installation takes place, they can perform energy assessments, such as an EPC, to determine the level of efficiency in the building. If it turns out to be low, they can lay out plans with multiple options that would increase that efficiency.
  • Going Green: Your energy savings company will also be able to direct you toward more renewable energy options.

Professional energy-saving companies can give you comprehensive services and tips to drastically improve your home’s energy consumption.

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