Useful Pest Control Steps for Residential and Commercial Premise

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Be it at home or place of work; pests can be very disgusting. Finding the best measures that you can use to control pests is such a difficult task. Many companies are specializing in the provision of pest control services. However, few companies apply the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to control pests. In food processing firms and hotels, for instance, pest control can help in achieving quality. In respect to the sensitivity of the environment, applying the IPM measures in controlling pests is essential.

While many methods of pest control exist in the market, most companies provide some of the most eco-friendly, economical, and certified methods for pest control. The IPM methodology of pest control is more reliable and helps to protect your house from being infested with pest round the year.

Steps in Integrated Pest Control Management

The following are main steps involved in the IPM pest control and management.

  1. Inspection and preventive action: For the hotel or food-processing environment, regular inspection of pest is a core. The inspection should be done in areas pests are likely to live and their potential regions of entry. A perfect pest control starts through inspection. During the winter, rodents are very common. Conducting pest control inspection helps you take right measures to keep your home free from vermin during the winter. Once the entry points of pests are noted, you should look forward to closing the loopholes for pest entry.
  2. Identification and analysis: This is the most significant step. You should ensure the pest control provider is well-equipped with skills in identification of pests. When you are through with identifying the type of pest in your house, you should establish the reason for their infestation through extensive analysis.
  3. Selecting the treatment method and monitoring the condition: Although IPM advocates for the non-chemical methods of controlling the pest, you can select an eco-friendly method to control the pests. The physical methods you can use to control pest include exclusion, trapping, and baiting. However, when you opt for the chemical methods, ensure you target specific pest areas. Ensure you stick to the safety policy when selecting a pest control strategy. Pest control is a continuous process. Always monitor your premise to identify any new pests and take necessary measures to any pest presence.
  4. Cleanliness: keeping your house or place of work clean is vital in keeping pests such as cockroaches and flies away. To ensure your house is clean always, only buy rodent proof storage equipment and keep your floor vacuumed regularly.


Pest control can be costly to most of us, given the harsh economic times. This means that we have to come up with effective mechanisms to ensure we protect our homes from pest infestation. Also, we can always seek the services of a certified pest control company such as Elevate Pest Control. The tips provided here are essential in ensuring you keep your house free from pests all around the year.

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