Top Five Bathroom Trends of 2018

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While many home improvement projects involve transforming a bedroom or kitchen, research shows that bathroom renovations are a growing trend this year. According to, 25% of homeowners reported that they intend to remodel their bathrooms by the end of 2018. From creating a spa-like feel to integrating smart technology, homeowners are being creative when it comes to main baths and powder rooms.

There are many effective ways to refresh your bathroom using simple design tactics and accent pieces. This blog article provides you with the top five trends shaping bathroom renovation blueprints this year.

  1. Tiled Flooring

In January, House & Home discussed the role ‘mixed tiles’ play in creating unique and welcoming spaces without emitting a sense of busyness. They display this trend by showcasing a bathroom with ‘white penny rounds and honeycomb tiles’. The overall appeal of the bright open space is perfect for master baths and works wonders when enlarging smaller main-level bathrooms. Better Homes & Garden also suggest that installing tiled flooring helps homeowners achieve a classic and clean style. They list the most popular tile materials as ‘ceramic, quarry, terracotta, and marble’.

  1. Spa-Like Feel

There’s nothing more satisfying than escaping from a long day or busy week. Transforming a traditional bathroom into a spa-like oasis is the perfect getaway, which is why it ranks in the top five. Experts reveal that many homebuyers seek tranquil spaces when selecting the perfect property. They further identify common furniture items including freestanding baths, oak vanities, marble floors, and of course, white accessories. It offers the perfect balance between ‘personality and casual everyday luxe’.

  1. Unique Wall Prints

While many gravitate towards paint, there is an opportunity to create a ‘wow’ factor in your bathroom by decorating with wall prints. These patterns may include ‘brushstrokes, watercolours or fine art prints’. Floral designs are also noted to have increased in popularity by 46%, according to the popular social platform, Pinterest. Wallpaper is also a very easy-to-use DIY item. Designers attest to its adhesive composition and temporary advantage. It’s the perfect product that allows you to change the look and feel of your bathroom at any time.

  1. Gold Accessories

Pinterest also ranks gold accents or accessories, as a top feature for bathrooms this year. In combination with white tiles, they say the popular move to golds as ‘overtaking’ traditional chrome. This luxe look can be achieved by installing piping, shower heads, detailing and even accent wall tiles.

  1. Inspired Tech

Integrating technology into bathrooms enables homeowners the convenience of fusing entertainment with favourable pastimes. Built-in music systems enable you to enjoy music while bathing. Similarly, television systems allow you to watch the morning news while preparing for work. The Spruce identifies that the most popular tech feature this year is ‘digital temperature settings’. This gives you the control to automate water heat.

If you’re looking to refresh a bathroom in your home, follow the above top five trends of 2018. Having trouble deciding on the right remodel? Perhaps, you’re struggling with deciding on basic designs? Kitchen Nation specializes in building top-quality storage units, bathroom sinks, bathtub fittings and wall units. Call or visit us online today to request a quote!

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