Three Reasons to Damp Proof Your Home

Damp Proof Your Home

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Nature is an unstoppable force in many situations and it is clever enough and patient enough to sneak into a home over the course of weeks, months, or even years. Mould is one particularly common nuisance that is caused by the intrusion of damp into your home over time and this seemingly benign type of organic growth will damage your walls, rot wooden beams, and much more. Rather than waiting until you discover serious damage to the structure of your home, you may act in your best interests by damp proofing your home and removing the risk of such a problem.

Fewer Odours

Although a number of components of the home, such as the kitchen sink drain, may begin to produce an odour at some point in time, damp proofing your home will remove the musty smell of dampness and mould. If left untreated, a growth of mould in the home will begin to produce an unpleasant smell that may grow strong enough to permeate throughout the entire property over time, even with proper ventilation. A qualified damp proofing expert will help you to determine if you have a problem with dampness in your home and make it possible for you to save time and money by damp proofing now rather than waiting until you discover mould.


Without dampness to degrade the quality of paint and other components of a property, you will have a much easier time when attempting to decorate, paint, or otherwise improve the appearance of your home. Moisture coming through the walls of your home or leaking underneath the paint from above may cause your paint to bubble or even to sag off of the wall. It may also trigger the growth of mould and lead to an unpleasant staining. A damp proof survey in Scotland is not only the best way to determine if this is a service that you require but it is also the first step to take whenever you want to make maintaining your home simpler.


A home that is not plagued by dampness is also much less likely to have hidden water damage or mould growing, leaving you with a property worth far more after receiving a valuation. Even if you do not plan to eventually sell your home and move to a new location, a higher property value will allow you to draw more out of your home equity in the future. Accessing the wealth found in your property may help you pay bills, make renovations, or otherwise improve your home one day without taking out a costly loan in the process. If you do choose to sell your home for a newer option, this is also your opportunity to make a large profit.

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