The Reason Why Logistics Can Have an Effect on Your Profits

The Reason Why Logistics Can Have an Effect on Your Profits

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We’ve all heard about “following the money” and more than a few of you out there will immediately link it to underhand enterprises, but, that’s not always so. In nearly all cases, it does apply to a renowned supply chain and transportation of freight.

Matters of Handling

What is commonly called “intermodal freight transportation” is the transportation of freight in different containers and vehicles, via using many kinds of transport, (such as truck, boat and rail), without any freight handling when transport modes are changed.

This provides a reduction in:

  • The handling of cargo
  • Improves safer security
  • Lowers the possibility of damage, and getting lost
  • Speeds up freight transportation.

The Chain of Supply

Administering a strong chain of supply leads to a higher profit margin for all shipping companies

  • The chain of supply’s sway on the value of a company is seen in its speed to market. The faster one gets products out there to the market, the better full-price sales are to be enjoyed.

Modes of Delivery

Getting a shipping container delivered to any address is no problem with the right company and purchasing a container for sale in Melbourne, has never more affordable.

  • The use of standardised sizes has improved how containers can easily be transported from the depot to a truck and then to an address.
  • The methods for delivery of professional container transport in Australia, can differ all depending on the container’s size, and where it is being sent to.

Methods Employed in Transporting Containers include:

Tilt Tray Slide

The well-known tilt tray slide truck transporters, can load and unload containers up to 10 tonnes.

  • In container transportation, tilt trays are now the most popular method of transportation.
  • Specialist companies are nowadays equipped with the CLOS (Container Loading and Offloading System), which makes certain that every job is carried to the maximum in terms of extreme safety.
  • Tilt trays are able to easily load and unload from the rear.

Side Loaders

  • Side loaders are put to use to move 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers which can weigh up to 30 tonnes.
  • If there happens to be any defined space in an area where the container has to be delivered, this is the perfect method of delivery.
  • The container is unloaded by crane arms operated on the driver’s side of the vehicle.
  • A number of side loaders can also be utilised as stack containers.

The Ever Versatile Hiab

  • The renowned Hiab transporter is a crane-mounted truck.
  • It is used to take containers to places where space is at a premium for even a side loader or a tilt tray.
  • With the easy use of the crane, the container can be simply put into place at an angle or up into a raised area.
  • The Hiab is also perfect for putting containers up on to second and third floor sites and other types of obstacles.

Make sure to contact and consult with an experienced company who you can trust.

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