The Best Ways to Avoid a Scam Locksmith in Perth

local locksmith in Perth

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You may not think the locksmith is a scammer, but it happens. Hiring a scam locksmith is not something that you want. AMCO Locksmith of Perth offers the following advise on how to avoid a scam locksmith.

Firstly, hire only a local locksmith. The company should have reviews that are favourable, and answer their phone using their company name. Do not hire a company that is not local as it is a sign that the company may be a scam company. When calling a local locksmith in Perth, ask the locksmith to confirm their physical address. Also, if the number you dial is an 800 number, be cautious of the company as it may be a sign that you are calling out of state and a locksmith will be contacted and sent that you have no background or information on.

Once you hire a locksmith,and when they arrive at your property, ask them to provide you with identification, including their locksmith license.  It is always best to work with a local locksmith that is licensed and insured as this is a sign that the security expert is on the up and up.  If the locksmith arrives at your property in a vehicle that does not have their company name on it, or a different name than the business you hired it can be a sign that the company is a scam and you should likely take your business elsewhere.

You will also want to be sure that the locksmith quotes an upfront cost for your service. If the locksmith gives you a price range, that is simply not good enough. It is a sign that they may increase the price once they arrive, knowing the true cost is less. Many scam companies quote a cheaper rate to entice potential customers only to later increase the price once the job is done.An experienced locksmith will know what is involved with your service repair or replacement and will make an upfront quote for its cost.

The difference between hiring a reliable and trustworthy locksmith as opposed to one that is not so professional is huge. When you hire an experienced, licensed locksmith, you get top quality service and peace of mind. Dealing with unprofessional locksmiths can turn out to be a bitter and sometimes even dangerous situation. So, always do your research and choose a company that is well established and comes with good feedback and reviews from customers.

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