Shade Where and When You Need it

Shade Where and When You Need it

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As soon as the sun is shining, it’s easy to see where everyone naturally gravitates to. The patio is where most people tend to spend their summer afternoons whether it’s out by the pool, in your backyard, or at your restaurant or place of businesses. Most people work hard to combine the perfect set of patio furniture, lighting, plants, and other accessories in an attempt to create the perfect outdoor environment for dining and relaxation.

Motorised awnings in Melbourne are an important part of your patio essentials. Awnings not only provide much-needed sun protection on a hot sunny day but also a place to enjoy your evenings either rain or shine. A motorised awning makes your atmosphere that much more luxurious and sought-after by your patio’s visitors.

Why Should You Motorise Your Awnings?

Motorised awnings are not a patio feature that you should go without. Hard-to-work operational handles are a thing of the past. With more and more people leaning towards motorised awnings, holding off on your motorised awning now might mean that your patio may soon be out of date.

Electric awnings are easily and conveniently controlled through a remote controller. Enjoy lowering your awnings to your ideal height in seconds. This makes the act of providing an ideal balance of shade and sun on your patio easier than ever before.

Reasons to motorise your awnings today:

  • Motorise your awnings for a perfectly taut canvas every time.
  • In additional to staying taut, motorised awnings provide you with a comfortable and stylish patio space.
  • Gentle opening and closing mechanisms often last a lifetime.
  • Upgrade your awnings to take advantage of the latest technology.

Technology of a New Era

Motorised awnings not only offer you a stylish comfort to your patio that you’ll come to expect but they also offer a greater peace of mind while you’re away. A new technology of automatic sensors helps to regulate your awning’s needs based on the changing weather.

Ever worried about your awning in high winds or storms? Worry no longer! Automatic wind sensors that are located on your motorised awning will cause your awning to retract while you’re away in the event of high winds. This feature helps to protect your awning investment while removing your awning from serious damage that could be caused by high winds. Do you know what the best part is? Your screen does this automatically while you’re away so you don’t have to. No more rushing home to close the awnings during a storm!

Automatic sensors also work in your favour while you’re at home. Sun sensors automatically lower your awning to keep your living room cool and block out stronger sunshine. Lighting devices can also be installed on your awnings, allowing you and your guests to enjoy longer evenings outdoors.

It’s no secret that motorised awnings are a great investment for your home or business. So what are you waiting for? Get your new motorised awning today!


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