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Roof Garden

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Your rooftop can be transformed into a private paradise that is also a valuable oxygen lung for densely populated urban areas where there is usually a noticeable lack of greenwith proper fencing and appropriate plants. Depending on your financial capabilities, you can assign the design of the garden to a landscape architect, an agronomist – gardener or you can try to make it yourself.

If you choose the last solution, the steps you need to follow are the following:

  1. Write down on a paper everything you want to transform. Note also the dimensions of the rooftop, its orientation in relation to the points of the horizon, everything built on it and the location of adjacent buildings and tall trees that can offer shade in the hot hours of the day.
  2. Observe the path the sun makes in the sky and the direction of the wind. Also, check out the type of the winds blowing in the area in order to choose the appropriate items for the climatic conditions.
  3. Have a long walk in the neighborhood and take a look at the surrounding gardens. Find those who have the most beautiful looks and note the types of vegetation they include so you can copy them.
  4. It is not always easy to plant lawns on the terrace, so you can use a lot of flowers instead, especially those who can be easily rise. When these plants rise, they will form an impenetrable green wall that will completely protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Extremely decorative is the olive tree, which you can buy in a large flower pot , so that its roots can grow naturally.

What to watch:

  1. In order to avoid the need of a permanent care of the garden, it is preferable to invest the largest part of it with a pavement. Alternatively, you can cover the teak wood roof, which has excellent resistance to environmental damage caused by fungi due to its high content of an antiseptic essential oil.
  2. Avoid trimming as much as possible in the garden and ensure that every plant has the space it needs to grow naturally.
  3. Before planting trees and shrubs, ask an agronomist what is their height going to be and how often they need pruning to keep them at the desired height.
  4. Ensure the required water supply to help water the plants.
  5. The terraceis not like all the other parts of the house. It is totally exposed to the sun and air; you will need to create a kind of shelter so you can enjoy your stay there without the risk of lulling. This can be accomplished with a wooden pergola, which will become more compact if covered with a climbing plant. Alternatively, you can use a large umbrella with a wooden frame and a metal or plastic base. Only care should be taken at a fixed point in the area to prevent it from being drawn by the wind.
  6. In order to make your stay in this original garden safe, you will need to place some proper fencing. You can place a fence with railings or with the help of thick impervious shrubs that are planted side by side in large clay or plastic pots. Prefer the railing if the roof is in a multi-stored house and bushes if it is in a detached house, so the distance separating it from the ground is smaller.
  7. Do not forget that this roof garden is a place that you are going to have some pleasant time away from the troubles you need to face every day. You should create a special corner, putting wooden furniture, an artistic item on the wall, one of those you can find at and transform the area into your personal shelter.

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