Replacing your Windows – The Best Home Improvement Investment

Replacing your Windows – The Best Home Improvement Investment

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For Australian homeowners, there is always something to do around the property, and of all the improvements one can make, replacing your windows has to be the best investment. The average house has 50% of its exterior surface glazed, and when you look at it that way, the windows represent a significant part of the building. Replacing your windows is not simply a question of out with the old frames, and in with the new, as this is a golden opportunity to add some serious insulation, not to mention security.

Double Glazing

Whether it’s summer or winter, insulation is the name of the game, and with replacement double glazing, there is a barrier between the two panes of glass that is hermetically sealed, which greatly improves thermal insulation. Heat transfer occurs when there are two differing temperatures that meet on a single pane of glass, and with double glazed units, this heat transfer is minimised, keeping the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Not only that, double glazing replacement glass is toughened, allowing it to be used with doors and also floor to ceiling windows.

Made to Measure Units

There is no “off the shelf” solution with replacement uPVC windows, as each unit is fabricated to precise dimensions, making for a perfect fit every time, and as every home is unique in that respect, standard sizes rarely work. If you are looking for window replacements in Melbourne, for example, there is one company that has their own factory, which basically cuts out the middleman, as the units are sold to the public at trade prices.

Choose your Opening Styles

Replacing your windows allows for a completely new design, which might be the traditional side opening units, or perhaps tilt and turn or sliding units, and with uPVC frames that are fire resistant, your windows will not fade, crack, or peel, even in the hottest of summers. Laminated colours allow for a change of style, with a range of shades that will complement your home, whatever the style.

Boost the Value of your Home

The fact is, uPVC replacement doors and windows will significantly increase the value of your property, and as very year passes, that increased value will rise, making it the wisest investment you can make. Aside from building an extension, replacing your windows and doors is the single most effective way to boost the value of your home, and on top of that, you and your family will benefit from the added comfort and security for many years to come.

If you would like to know more about modern replacement windows and doors, an online search will bring up a list of local companies, but rather than settling for the first one you look at, browse a while, and when you think you have found a suitable contractor, ask for some referral addresses, so you can actually see how the workmanship is, and also you can talk to the property owners about the installation.

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