Quick and easy ways to renovate your bathroom

Quick and easy ways to renovate your bathroom

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Of all the rooms in your house, your bathroom is the one which tends to fall apart first. All the moisture, heat, and humidity wreaks havoc on the structures within, which means repairs and renovations will be needed sooner rather than later.

Below, we’ll share some quick and easy ways you can make your buffer from the real world an inviting place again. Let’s get into it below…

1) Give it a fresh coat of paint

As bathroom renovations go, no changes make as big a difference as paint does. By changing the colour of a room, the mood can be changed entirely – the only thing you need to do is spend a modest amount of money at the hardware store and spend a day applying multiple coats.

Having said that, there are two provisos – one, you might not realize it, but the smallness of this room does not mean it will be a quick job. In fact, the tight spaces such a space creates means you’ll need to take extra care to avoid splashing paint in spaces where you don’t want it, like on tubs or tile.

Secondly, you’ll want to acquire a high quality satin paint, as humidity levels can wreck cheaper paints, causing layers of it to peel off – very unsightly, and fate you want to avoid.

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2) Boost the water pressure in your shower

There’s nothing worse than a shower head with low water pressure – you should be getting a massage after a hard day, not a sprinkling. Therefore, fixing this issue is one of the easier and more effective bathroom renos you can do in your bathroom.

By taking apart your shower head, you can remove the regulator which forces many of them to be eco-friendly. Alternatively, a build up of minerals can be behind lower water pressure – by cleaning the lines or exposing the shower head to cleaners like CLR, this problem can often be fixed.

3) Redo the grout

Dirty grout between tiles can make a bathroom look like a grimy, filthy place. Change this perception in a flash by applying fresh grout to affected areas. It may take a few hours of painstaking application and hunching over in tight spots, but once you’re done, you’ll have your clean looking haven back.

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