Low Cost Yet Creative Interior Design Ideas

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Design with plates.

This is surprising but plates can actually be an interesting piece of art to be framed in your room.  You can find them in antique shops which are being collected over time. Hang them on the wall using sleek hangers that cling at the back of the plate and that are primarily invisible.

Be crafty.

You can yourself create an art piece which can be unique to contribute your room’s decor. It an anything like a painting. For instance, you can also make a piece of wallpaper and display it in your living room, dining hall, office, etc.

Display collections. 

You do not always have to buy art pieces to spice up your decor. You can simply display what you have already collected over the years. It can be anything as simple as old coins or book and can be as pricey as a designer vase or an expensive painting.

Create a family gallery. 

Another way of personalizing a space is to use framed photos. For instance, you can come up with a family gallery by unveiling pictures of some unforgettable memories with your family members on a wall in the living room. Also, use the same idea for the dining room or for your office in order to make it feel cosier and inviting.

Framed mirrors.

A mirror can add space to your room. They make your space appear larger than its actual size. Mirrors are the most versatile thing that you can add to your room. You can get mirrors in various sizes, shapes, designs, and styles. And add a frame to your mirror will entirely change the way it looks. A mirror can also look like a piece of art with the addition of frame.

Mix patterns.

Adding patterns in your room is a simple way of creating focal points. Patterns are mostly combined with accent pieces but you can also mix and use them extensively in your room decor.

Repurpose furniture. 

Introduce new furniture in your room. Add something that is fresh and trending. And if you do not want to splurge on new furniture you can just repurpose your existing furniture. Do not bind yourself, experiment and try something original. If you are not sure about your own ideas you can take help from designers. You choose to hire designers from Urbanclap. Urbanclap has a great team of designer and they will guide you throughout the process. If your space is in Hyderabad, and looking for help. For you, this might be of help, as Urbanclap also has interior designer in Hyderabad.

Choose bold colors. 

Color can be used to make things pop up. Colors can change the atmosphere of your space and make it even dynamic and vibrant. You can play and combine colors and even choose a bold color for one the rooms. Ask your designer to come up with something out of the box by mixing patterns and textures that will make the design stand out. You can find all kinds of services pertaining to interior designing in Hyderabad.

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