JCE Strasbourg: Beyond The Borders, a Network

Beyond the borders, a network

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When the “I” of “JCI” becomes meaningful, members are led to a networking dynamic across borders to build together the future of the Movement, and much more!

In Strasbourg, this international dynamic has been launched since 2014, thanks to the official twinning initiated by this JCEL with three other European JCEs: Copenhagen International, Brussels and Constanta.

The four organizations, of similar size, with the same passion for the international dimension of the Movement, with a similar dynamism and geographically close enough to encourage meetings, also have different cultures and projects that make collaboration even richer And interesting.

In concrete terms, this four-year-old multinational adventure, which has been announced, is for one of its major interests the human exchange. These 4 young economic chambers demonstrate this by organizing, each year their turn, the reception of the other 3 in their territory.

After Strasbourg last September, five Strasbourg members visited Constanta, Romania, from 25 to 28 June, to enjoy unforgettable moments of conviviality, to strengthen ties with members and, above all, to Joint action, the theme of which was voted at a dedicated workshop: environmental education.

The following months will be decisive: defining a coordinator, setting up a local team, drawing up a schedule, starting the analysis of needs … many thrilling challenges ahead!

By this twinning, the 4 local organizations intend to carry out projects even more impacting and, by force of the network, to make understand that “human brotherhood transcends the sovereignty of nations”.

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