JCE Reims: Waste, real green nuggets!

Waste, real green nuggets

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With regard to the valorization of bio-waste, there is still more to do … It is this observation that prompted the Junior Chamber of Economy of Reims to act, at the dawn of the entry into force, in 2016, texts of Law on the valorization of bio-waste.

The thresholds for the application of these texts will concern many establishments of collective and traditional catering, responsible for the production of thousands of tons of bio-waste per year on the re-settled agglomeration.

With its action “Green Pépite”, the members of the JCE of Reims brought together professionals in the catering industry with actors in the sorting, collection and valorisation, gathered for a professional trade fair for the valorisation of biowaste The restoration, on September 21st.

Opened officially by the members of the commission, in front of a full room, this day was placed under the sign of sharing, and that of innovation.

Conferences, thematic stands (knowledge of suppliers of the collection, presentation of sorting materials, sorting tables, presentation of valorisation providers such as methanation …) and rich exchanges on the brakes and levers of the implementation of the Sorting of bio-waste fed this intense and very rhythmic meeting.
Catering professionals were able to receive advice and ideas to better manage their waste, reduce its impact on the environment and optimize its value in the economy.

The experience feedback of the Reims University Hospital Center was appreciated, as being complete and concrete.

Beautiful discoveries have also aroused curiosity and animated the interest of the participants; Among them Ecodigesteur, of the Vauché group, a machine that reduces waste into compost.

“Sorting bio-waste brings a positive spiral …” according to B. Houppermans of Chef’Eco. This was the fine conclusion of this meeting which brought together more than 100 people.

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