JCE Limoges: Circular Economy In Business, And At Home!

Circular economy in business, and at home

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Like other French JCELs, the JCEL in Limoges widely apprehended the national theme 2014 of the JCEF – the circular economy – inscribed by the national team 2015 in its program, as an obvious continuity of the actions of the Junior French Economic Chamber .

By adapting the stakes of this economic model to adapt them to the needs of its territory, the JCE of Limoges proposed in February a conference on the theme “Circular economy, a new lever for local growth”, in the presence of Delphine BATHO, deputy and former minister of ecology, surrounded by Sophie DELAGE, innovation manager in Veolia Environmental Services of the South West, Josette GUILLON, director of “La Boîte à papiers”, and local business leaders.

More than 150 participants were able to understand the commitments of each stakeholder in this approach and also have a definition of the circular economy, by watching a short video.
Through concrete feedback in the Deux Sèvres, in France and in Europe, Delphine BATHO has discovered ways and means to develop on a daily basis this economic policy in the activities of companies, a real lever for local growth and competitiveness, opening up New perspectives in terms of local employment and requiring specific skills. According to his indications, the circular economy allows to hope for openings of markets on the basis of the land’s flagship resources, water and wood,

Concrete examples (integration company, etc.) have made it possible to explain their interests, both in terms of technological innovation and social innovation. Finally, the benefits and benefits of the economic model in terms of profits, savings and employment have attracted the participants’ attention.

On a truly participatory dynamic, the public had the opportunity to raise its questions and observations in a free way.
A young graduate questioned the “commercial” arguments relevant to exposing the interests of the circular economy to a company whose culture is very different. A second intervention of a representative of the professional sector of the building explained the commitment of the sector in the approach, but also the brakes encountered related to the rigor of the national regulation. Or, a hospital director, and municipal councilor of the city of Limoges, wished to testify on the subject of hazardous hospital waste, in the framework of the installation of a treatment consisting in treating this waste with the ” foreign,

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Limoges and Haute Vienne decided to accelerate its efforts in this direction. A position of “circular economy officer” was opened two months after this conference, to accompany companies wishing to understand the circular economy in their structure, to find useful financing.

At the end of March, the JCE of Limoges addressed directly to users and consumers, and more than 250 students, to raise awareness of the consequences of the scarcity of resources, especially water. Six play workshops, as many visits to a water treatment plant, two exhibitions and a conference were proposed, on the stakes of the water footprint (quantity of water necessary for the production of daily goods) , The daily consumption of water for activities (dishes, showers, …) and also, on the concept of physical strength of water.
The slogan of this action has been given: let us be responsible, “Consomm’Eautrement” and protect the famous water tower of France that is Limousin!

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