JCE Chalon sur Saône: “Is it urgent to slow down

Is it urgent to slow down

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The result of more than a year’s work, the 100% eco-citizen action of the JCE of Chalon sur Saône wants to enable the citizens of this Burgundy territory to appropriate the economic model of the circular economy in an innovative way And relevant.

In a context of scarcity of resources, combined with the law of “always more, always faster”, the current mode of consumption has been put into reflection to find not “the” solution to better consume but “simple” axes Among them: learning to consume just rather than just consuming, or consuming responsible.

“Consumers” will be asked to send feedback and share their knowledge through thematic workshops, which will help to understand and understand the place of Man and his impact on the environment.

Two workshops have already been offered to date, during which participants were able to learn how to compose their own cosmetic and household products, or to learn how to garden and grow in apartments. The participants’ feedback encourages the members of the JCE de Chalon sur Saône to continue this commission. Agnès J., participant of the workshop “gardening and cultivating in apartments”: “I have received a lot of very interesting advice that gives me confidence to carry out other plantations. Thank you for this nice proposal. Let’s raise the possibilities, let’s sow seeds of optimism! “.

Other workshops are already planned. On October 29, echoing the national day against the food mess on October 16, a workshop will propose to “sublimate the remains of the kitchen-fight against food waste”; Then on November 26, participants will learn how to “make new with old”. The month of the social and solidarity economy will be radiant in Chalon territory!

Rich exchanges and collaborations have linked communities (Chalon sur Saône, Grand Chalon), associations (Active – pole of the social economy and solidarity, Tête à l’An Vert – valorization of green waste) and companies around them Workshops placing in their hearts, citizens.

A call for local initiatives will be launched to federate the inhabitants, local authorities, business leaders and associations, around joint projects that they themselves have imagined.

Beyond environmental concerns and the promotion of short circuits, it is therefore issues such as civic engagement, promotion of local actions, intergenerational interactions or the forging of associative links, which are highlighted thanks to this action.

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