Is Permission Necessary to Add a Log Cabin to Property?


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Adding a building to your property for a private office or a pool house is a great way to expand a smaller home. However, before you can add a building to your property, you need to find out if permission is required from your local council. Here are some of the things that you’ll need to do before construction on your property can begin.

When Is Planning Permission Needed?

If you plan to add a building to your property, you may need to seek permission from your local planning authority (LPA). There are three cases in which you will need their permission:

  • New building construction
  • A major change to the building such as adding an extension
  • Changing a building’s use

If you’re unsure whether your project needs a permit, you can contact the local planning authority in your area. While you may need planning permission to add a garage to your house, you may not need it for a new shed; if you’re unsure, you can call to find out.

Permission for Property Expansions

Usually, the larger the building and the closer to your property line it is, the more likely that you will be required to get permission. If the addition of the building on your property is considered permitted development, then you don’t need permission from the LPA.

A permitted development allows homeowners to improve or extend their dwellings without permission. If you want to add a building to use as an office or for recreational use, then you don’t need planning permission for it. However, if the building being built is going to be used as a guesthouse or another bedroom, then permission is required.

Permission Process

For log cabins being used as separate dwellings or guesthouses, an application for a permit will need to be filled out. It can be done online or you can apply with your LPA. The decision on whether you get permission will depend on how the structure affects your neighbours. If there is little to no effect, then you will probably get permission for it to be constructed on your property.

Sometimes a piece of property will already have planning permission and you can add a structure without going through the usual process. However, you still may need to finalise details or fill out an alternative application for a log cabin or similar structures. If you do need to fill out an application, make sure to get a copy of the cabin’s plans from the company that is building it for you.

Once you submit the application, necessary documentation, and the building’s plans, the planning department will make a public notification of your intentions and consult with engineers and the town or parish hall to help them make a decision about whether to grant you permission to build on your land.

If they do, then you can proceed to add a log cabin on your property. It can take up to eight weeks before a decision is made regarding construction on your property so patience is crucial.

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