Inspiration for Patios and Paved Areas

Inspiration for Patios and Paved Areas

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If you are considering revamping your garden or outdoor space this year, and would like to do so by adding a patio or paved area, then today you are in luck! We are here today to provide a bucket load of information regarding designing and laying patios and paved areas!

When many people think of patios and paving they straight away think about dull grids of square or rectangular slabs, however in today’s modern world there is an abundance of options to consider, each of which can make garden paving much more attractive and eye-catching. Today we are here to list just some of these options, with the intention of providing as many people as possible with much needed inspiration.

Ideas and Inspiration

The key thing to remember when considering garden paving, and making it unique, is to mix it up a bit – You don’t have to beboring and it often pays to be bold and take risks. Some things that you may want to consider include the following:

Shapes and sizes – There are now paving slabs available to purchase in a huge wealth of shapes and sizes allowing for all to find paving slabs 100% suitable for their projects. You might consider using a range of different sized slabs for your project or alternatively you maybe choose a pattern such as a circular design to use a feature in your garden.

Texture – Today natural stone paving slabs are available in a whole host of textures and can make huge impacts on outdoor spaces, transforming them completely. Think about what texture you would like you paving slabs to boast – Some of the most popular textures of paving stones include smooth and rough.

Colour – Before purchasing any paving slabs for your garden you should carefully consider what colour paving slabs to buy, thinking about the colour of your home and the current colours your property is boasting. You should choose a colour that ties in well with the rest of your home.

Optional extras -Finally there are many optional extras available in terms of jazzing up garden paving, with many people choosing to decorate their paved spaced with pebbles, lighting and accessories. They key is to use components that you love within your garden so that you don’t get bored of it in time to come.

I hope that these tips will allow you to create a patio that you love. If you require any further advice and guidance do not hesitate to get in touch with a local stone supplier who will no doubt be able to assist you.

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