How To Remove Stucco From The Brick

How To Remove Stucco From The Brick

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Have you bought an old home that needs some updating? Probably, one vital project that may come up is removing stucco from the brick walls beneath. It may seems to be a tedious and tricky task, as the stucco was applied very toughly to cover up decaying or cracked brick. The other problem is that over time the brick may have deteriorated beneath the stucco. In any case, you have a rather painstaking job to do.

Step 1 – Preparation

Take care to put on your safety goggles and rubber gloves to protect you from dust particles.

and sharp edges. Prepare necessary tools – a chisel or a putty knife, a wire brush, muriatic acid

Step 2  – Scoring

Pick a small area of stucco and chip it away with your putty knife or chisel to determine the condition of the brick underneath. Go on chipping in this small area until you’ve abraded off all but stubborn tiny pieces.

Step 3 – Removal

Remove the small, stubborn pieces with a wire brush. Don’t push too hard, just be firm.

Step 4 – Acid or concrete stain

Apply some muriatic acid to a rag if you have stubborn bits of stucco that were not removed with a wire brush, wipe the last bits off. Do not forget that t is dangerous to work with it. So, don’t do it without rubber work gloves, long sleeves and pants, while using muriatic acid (as it will burn).

Another idea, try taking some concrete stain and staining the lighter colour of the stucco against the brick; just match it.

Step 5 – Brick estimation

Estimate the condition of the uncovered brick. If you notice a lot of cracks or crumbling, there’s a strong possibility that you will not like your brick wall after removing more stucco. Keep in mind, stucco is often a cosmetic covering for brick in poor condition that might be damaged/soft/pitted.

Removing Stucco is not a physically simple task but is not a death sentence. It can be time-consuming job for one person, but professional removal provides peace of mind avoiding unexpected further troubles plus saving extra costs for removing stucco.

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