How To Breathe Life into Your Construction Project

Breathe Life into Your Construction Project

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It can be difficult to breathe life into a concrete structure in an urban environment. Being surrounded by bricks and mortar throughout daily life can feel monotonous and oppressive, which in turn can dampen people’s spirits and breed complacency. Whatever you are constructing, whether it be a school, a sports centre, an apartment block or an office building, you likely seek to inspire its occupants rather than repress them. So what can be done to make your construction somewhere that people look forward to coming to?


A little greenery can go a long way towards making a space more inviting. It is therefore vitally important that you incorporate trees, plants and flowers into your project. This helps to take the edge off large and imposing structures, and adds vitality to an otherwise lifeless structure. Floral arrangements can brighten up the most monotone of projects and will add intrigue for passers-by and occupants alike. Trees and plants can break up a space, providing organic boundaries to structures such as walkways and roads. Planting trees in your construction is also advantageous for air quality and the environment, making it a healthier and happier place for everyone to enjoy. If you are short on space, you could even go for a green roof or a roof garden to maximise your useable space whilst still making room for vegetation.

A Green Space

Incorporating a green space into your project can do wonders. It not only lifts a site visually, but it also creates somewhere to inspire its occupants to get outdoors and be active. If a grassy area strikes you or your client as too much upkeep, whynot consider synthetic grass surfaces? These give the same feel of green space without any of the hassle of watering and mowing. Even better, why not think about making this space into a sports ground. Whether it be for use by students, residents, or workers, a sports ground gives everyone somewhere to enjoy themselves whilst keeping fit. As a feature, a sports field or tennis court also adds tremendous value to a property, making it a worthwhile addition to any build.

Organic Structures

One way to enliven a space without the use of plants or greenery is to incorporate organic shapes and patterns into your structure. By using flowing natural curves you can offset the usual rigidity of industrial architecture, which will soften your structure and bring life to its form. Through the utilisation of shapes and patterns that we see in nature, a building instantly becomes a more tranquil and harmonious space that is more in tune with its surroundings. Architectural designs that are sympathetic to their environment create spaces that flow between the outside world and the building itself, bringing a construction to life and making a space that is more powerful and inspiring.

By combining organic designs with green spaces and living foliage, you can construct a space which is both functional and visually stunning. These factors are the perfect combination for a harmonious environment which is operational, healthy and appealing all at once.

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