Getting a Loft Conversion in North London

Getting a Loft Conversion in North London

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There are many great reasons to convert your loft space, which is the easiest and more efficient way to create extra space in your home. People tend to get more stuff as time goes by, and the initial home design might not be able to cater for the available space in your home. If you live in North London. Loft conversion is considered a really smart and cost-effective way of adding more space to your existing building.

For individuals who are wondering if loft conversion would add value to their home, it will come as a good news to know that this process can increase the value of your property in North London. The value of your property after the loft conversion process is complete depends on what you have added to the building. So if you are going from 2 to 3 bedrooms in North London, any estate agent is going to tell you that it will add about 20 to 25% value to your home. Therefore, it depends on what you are adding in terms of number of rooms and space available after the loft conversion process is complete.

Another important question most people struggle to answer is how big would their loft need to be for successful conversion? When it comes to the size of the loft, you can actually use all the floor area of the loft itself; obviously you need it to be of a certain height to be able to walk in it. Therefore, you can leave something like 2 meters high. Although this is the recommended height, you can still leave some areas in the loft to be below 2 meters, which can be used for this like storage or baths, to maximize the use of space.

In terms of the structural work that is involved in loft conversion, keep in mind that this depends entirely on how old the loft is. So any structure built before 1960 actually has a better roof structure for a loft conversion than the ones built after 1960. They tend to use fewer and thicker materials in those days, and obviously leaves a better space for you to work with.

Since the 1960s, roof structures are built with very complex thin designs, which means there are many thinner timbers around to really get involved with. To actually use that space effectively, you need to clear the timbers out. You can put in steel beams to create that nice space you want.

 When carrying out loft conversion, keep in mind that the process needs to meet building standards. Apart from adhering to the building regulations in North London, it is relevant that the company you are hiring make use of high quality materials, which should feel and look good.Power2Build is the ideal company that can help you with all your loft conversion and other construction needs in North London at

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