Finding your dream home in Point loma

Finding your dream home in Point loma

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The name Point Loma is derived from a Spanish word, “Loma”, which means a hilly peninsula. This beautiful peninsula located in San Diego, has borders with Pacific Ocean in the southern and the western fronts. The place also has great historical significance, as the early European settlers, first landed here, in the state of California. This bit if history is preserved nicely through theCabrillo National Monument, which is named after the first European settler Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo.The scenic beauty of the place is second to none, with beautiful beaches and lots of water sport activity. One way to look at it is the fact that Point Loma is the best place to live, work, and play. That is why the area has seen exponential real estate boost, attracting investments from around the globe.

The place Point Loma has several distinctneighborhoods, which has its own respective charm. If you are looking for a home atop a small hill, then Wooded Area is the best for you. Although the sqft rates are on the higher side here, but you can be rest assured to get real value for money with your purchases. This locality is nestled nicely between Sunset Cliffs and La Playa. It boasts of having some of the nicely designed homes, which are of the type, “Love at first sight”. Average home prices are close to $ 1200000 USD, but buyers have the option of choosing from different budget slabs. An averagely priced home would fetch amenities like 4 nicely laid bed rooms and 4 bathrooms, with one living cum dining room, extending up to 3900 sq ft. Most of the homes have gourmet kitchen with plush master suite. Buyers also have the option of choosing from hardwood floors and a lush green backyard.Some of the moderately price localities of Wooded areas are, Marina with average sqft of 725000 USD and Midway district with 661000 USD.

As a whole Point Loma is a tourism based economy, which means that the area is well managed and beautified by the local authorities. This has further nurtured the local real estate market, with fresh buying and launching of new projects. Loma Portal is also the destination of choice for single families, which also has many old Spanish style homes. The place is known for its nicely laid street lights in the middle of the road. The average sqftrate is close to 930000 USD, which offers modern styled homes with lead free paint. Most of the fully furnished townhouses for sale in Point Loma have centralair-condition, with all the modern home appliances at place, for plug and use.

Another happening neighborhood is Liberty Station, located between Lytton Street and RosecransStreet, touching the Boat Channel. This was a former US Navy training center and a hot tourist destination. Off late due to its immense tourist footfall, the place has grown to be a new urban delight, with many homes and restaurants coming up. The development has been tremendous with the coming up of a swanky office district and lots of retail outlets. The place also has good schools for your kids, along with a 46 acre waterfront for entertainment. Some of the better known eateries of the area are Tender Greens, Fig Tree Café, Stone Brewery and many more. The most important incentive of getting a home here is the fact that everything is within your walking distance, which automatically creates a good work-life balance.

A quite walk down these neighborhoods will reveal many 2 bedroom condos for sale. You may wish to talk to the owner directly, or find some nice local brokers, who are helpful in not only getting you a good deal, but also see through the entire legal process of the purchase. However, buyers are advised to maintain good due diligence while investing a lump sum money in the real estate. For professional help, some of the better known brokers of Point Loma are Tami Fuller’s Real estate team, Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty, Mike & Jessica Wolf Ascent Real estate and many more. They will also help you get a bank loan, with flexible EMI facility.

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