Facts To Be Known Before Buying Teak Furniture For Your Home

Facts To Be Known Before Buying Teak Furniture For Your Home

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Teakwood is popularly called the king of timber and is considered to be a high quality wood. High reliability and excellent quality has led to the increasing demand for teak furniture. Teak farming requires fertile solid and good irrigational facilities and it is found that farmers who have been able to adopt suitable methods for its growth have gained maximum profit. Teak farming runs on a commercial scale and so there has been an upsurge in the teak industry.

Types of teaks

Teaks are regarded as one of the finest woods that are used for designing furniture and even for industrial purposes. Teaks are of six types and they are:

  • Adilabad teak
  • West African teak
  • Nilambur teak
  • Konni teak
  • South and central American teak
  • Godavari teak

Teak and its significance

Teakwood has a high durability and so it is able to remain intact even in extreme climatic conditions. Their colours will definitely go to add beauty to your home décor. Oiling is required occasionally for safeguarding it from getting discoloured. Furniture designers get an added advantage as they could make varied pieces which are not supported by any other soft wood.

Teaks are water resistant thereby helping people to use them for outdoor furniture. This category of wood can be used in patio furniture to elegant cabinets. Customers before making their purchase decisions regarding furniture always look for durability and it can be called one of the important features offered by teak in comparison to other types of wood. In fact, ship railings are constructed with the help of teaks.

Surviving damages

Outside weather might bring unfruitful for your furniture. Buying good quality teak furniture is definitely going to free you from such worries as it has the quality to deal with harsh weather conditions.  It is a common tendency among the buyers to look for low-cost woods but at the same time they do not want to compromise with its quality. In order to buy furniture that remains resistant to all weather conditions. Customers often get cheated as several shops sell teak oiled furniture. Oil treatment slowly gets weary out over a period of time. Customers need to obtain appropriate information regarding a teakwood.

Buy real teakwood

A thorough research is required while buying teak furniture as customers fail to recognise a real teak and falls prey to fake marketers. A large number of hardwoods which display features similar to that of teaks are available in the market. One needs to be aware of such fake items. A customer can easily differentiate between teaks from its duplicate. Teak furniture remains resistant not only to water, weather but even termites. While if you look from any other wood, you cannot get this assurance.

The above study gave a vivid overview of the different sues and features of teak. It can be analyse that teak woods are growing in demand use to their reliability and durability. However, a customer needs to be quite careful before buying teaks as wood with almost similar features like teak are being sold.

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