Essential Maintenance for Slate Roofing

Essential Maintenance for Slate Roofing

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Being the proud owner of a slate roof does come at a cost, and like all things quality, regular maintenance is required – if you want the roof to retain its integrity, that is. Storm damage is a main culprit for slate roofing issues, and regular visual inspections will allow for prompt tile replacement, should one or two tiles become dislodged, and any repairs must only be carried out by a skilled slate roofer, preferably the same person that built it.

Overhanging Trees

A majority of slate roof repairs originate from damage caused by falling tree branches, which is why it’s a good idea to have all the overhanging trees pruned back. A single branch can weigh a tonne and with strong winds, anything can happen. Tree debris is perhaps the most common cause of roof damage, and of course, other objects that can be taken along by strong winds can also end up damaging your roof.

Cleaning Out Guttering

All guttering and downpipes should be kept clean and free of obstruction, as leaves and small twigs can soon cause a build up, and if that occurs and there happens to be a heavy downpour, this will result in water running down the exterior walls, and that will certainly cause some damage. Ideally, your roofing contract would have recommended a wide guttering, which makes it harder for a blockage to occur, and if you are unable – or unwilling – to clean out the guttering, your local roofing contractor might be able to help you out.

Inspect the Copper Flashing

Assuming you do have flashing, it would more than likely be copper and a quick look every now and then is all it takes to ensure there are no issues. Galvanised steel is another possibility, although it doesn’t have the durability of copper, but whatever the material, the flashing should be inspected from time to time.

Qualified Roofing Contractor

If your slate roof is in need of any repairs, it is vital you only deal with an established slate roofing contractor, and preferably the same company that installed the roof. Working with slate takes many years of hands-on experience, and the skill has been handed down from father to son over many generations, and fortunately, there are still tradespeople who repair slate roofing.

Preventative Practices

While no homeowner wants a roof repair bill, there are things one can do to minimise the risk, and regular visual inspections will ensure that any repairs are swiftly carried out, which will help you to avoid costly repairs at a later stage. If you are not able to do this, the roofer would be happy to pop round from time to time and make sure the roof is free of obstruction and in good order. With regular roof inspections, you will have peace of mind that your home is as well protected as could be.

If you would like to receive a free, no obligation quote for slate roof repairs, an online search is the best place to start, and this will ensure that your home is always protected.

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