Does filtering have a positive effect on water

filtering have a positive effect on water

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Some people do it to save money and othersbecausethey do not wantto pollute the planet with plastic. More and more often we choose jugs and filter bottles, and instead of buying bottled water, we use tap water.Is it really healthy and what are the beneficial properties for the body due to water filtration using DAFI devices?

Water always available

You certainly know this feeling when you have a great thirst, and a few drops of your favorite water left in the bottle. The only solution is to go to the store Рbut question is if you feel up to do that? And what about a solution that allows you to have good quality water always available?Water filtration in jugs, bottles and with flow filters provides such a possibility. Not only water is always available, but you  alsolimit the buying and utilization of plastic, and in the long run, its production. In 2016, 322 million tons of this raw material was produced! For those who like to save Рa liter of filtered tap water costs only 0,10PLN!

What properties has filtered tap water

How is the water in the DAFI jugs and bottles filtered? Well, such filters are formed by absorbent carbon or ion exchange resin. Absorbent carbon, obtained from coconut shells, allows you to get rid of chlorine and all its derivatives from the water, improves its aroma and taste.Filtering water with a carbon filter is a great way to drink good quality and taste water, which can be used for cooking, preparing meals for children and infants,making hot drinks or drinking it raw. Filters containing an ion-exchange resin guarantee that heavy metals such as lead and copper are removed from the water and reduce the hardness of water. But getting rid of unwanted substances or an undesirable taste or smell is one thing.The wide range of DAFI filters also allows you to improve the composition of tap water. The use of the Mg + filter enriches the water with magnesium ions, whereas the pH + filter – raises the pH of the water and gives it a negative oxidation and reduction potential, and purified water from the chlorine.

Does filtering have a positive effect on water? As you can see, tap water filtration has enormous advantages – especially when most or all household members drink water in our home. It is an economical way for tasty, soft and enriched with precious minerals water that can be used for many home activities. Filters used in DAFI jugs and bottles also improve the appearance of water, which gains full transparency and ideally presents on the family table.

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