Decorate floor lamps

Decorate floor lamps

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When it comes to decorating your home, lighting is very important. But what most people don’t realize is that your light fixture, while providing light, can also enhance the mood, style and atmosphere of your room. Floor lights are very useful in this aspect as one can find many well designed floor lamps that add to the effect of your room. Whether you go for a sleek modern lamp or an antique rustic lamp is completely up to you. There are 2 main ways to decorate your room with a floor lamp and here they are.

  1. Blend

In this technique you will pick a lamp that matches your room’s style and complements it. The first thing you need to do is to define your room’s current style. This can be very tricky, as each room has its own unique style but try to decide whether your room has a traditional or a modern look to it. Then you match a lamp that would go well with your color scheme and the style of your room. If your room has a more modern style than you would pick a clean modern lamp, probably silver in color. Likewise if your room is traditional you would get a more traditional lamp, probably with a more ornate pattern on it.

  1. Contrast

Some floor home salt lamps are so ornate and intricate that they can be considered art themselves. For these pieces you would want to have them stand out and capture the attention of the room. In this technique you might want to pick a lamp that matches the style of your room but has a few contrasting colors that will really draw attention. If you have a very simple modern themed room you might get a clean silver lamp that has a red lamp shade to draw attention to it.

This technique can be very effective and greatly enhance your home decor but it does take some knowledge on matching color schemes and a sense of what will look good together. If you have a knack for picking out interesting combinations of colors and knowing which pieces of furniture will look good together then by all means, go for interesting lamps that will stand out.

On the other hand one can never go wrong with a lamp that matches your room. If you doubt your ability to make good home decor decisions then I suggest buying a lamp that has colors similar to your room. This will usually allow the lamp to complement the other pieces of furniture while still blending in and providing a quality light source.

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