Cost Effective Drainage Inspection & Repairs

Cost Effective Drainage Inspection & Repairs

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The drainage system in a typical two story home is indeed a complex system, and sometimes finding the source of a blockage can be a real nightmare. Digging up half of the garden is just the start, and if you are lucky, you will come across the source of the blockage, otherwise, you’ll just have to keep digging! That is the way it has always been and the homeowner has little choice but to deal with the carnage that’s left behind, until now, that is. Technology has finally given us a method of visually inspecting the inner working of an underground drainage system, with small remote controlled vehicles that relay high definition video to the technician.

Drain Inspection Cameras

These rugged little workhorses can navigate the labyrinth of underground drainage pipes, allowing the operator to have a close look at any sections, checking for blockages or other issues that might need attention, and this enables rapid repairs without having to dig up half the garden. Whether you have blocked sewers in Melbourne or Sydney, an online search will locate a contractor that uses this technology, which can save you a fortune.

Non-Invasive Repairs

No longer are drain blockage searches hit and miss affairs, and even the most experienced team would have to take a guess and begin their search by digging down to the drainage pipe. This is no longer necessary, as a state of the art drain camera can be carefully fed into the system, and under the watchful eyes of the technician, it will give you a high definition close up of the inner workings of your drainage system, which is a sure fire way to locate the problem. Once the problem has been identified, repairs can be carried out, and with minimal damage to the surrounding area, your garden will not look like a war trench has been dug!

Cost Effective Solutions

Labour charges are high in today’s economic climate, and you can rack up a sizeable bill with just searching for the blockage, let alone repairing it. Even the very experienced drainage technician has to make an educated guess when the blockage is underground, and if he gets it right, there will be minimal damage, but if he doesn’t, further excavations are the only way to locate the problem point, unless, of course, the technician is using the latest technology. It isn’t just the homeowner who is inconvenienced by digging for a solution, as the technician also has better things to do with his time than digging up the client’s back yard, searching for the blockage. Less time on the job means a lower cost, so everyone is a winner with this new technology.

There are tell-tale signs of a drain blockage, although this isn’t foolproof, but if you notice an area of your lawn that looks a little greener than normal, this could be the affected area. The best way to be sure is to use a drain camera, which will give the technician a close up view of the inside of the pipes, and once the source has been identified, the repairs can be carried out.

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