Cleaning and maintaining your wooden floor

wooden floor

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Wooden floors are amazing and can be a real asset to any room of the house. However, if you want them to last you need to properly care for them or their beautiful effect can become all but a distant memory.

Routine cleaning is key to protecting your floor and keeping it in tip top shape. Particular protocols need to be followed to prevent damage to the surface.

Ensure you dust regularly with a microfibre cloth or mop. Microfibre is a particular material that traps dirt, particles and pet hair and are more effective than a broom – who’s bristles can scratch the floor’s surface. Although not always possible, this should be done daily or at least every other day for maximum effect.

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As well as wiping, make sure you vacuum every week with a soft-bristled floor-brush attachment. Be cautious when vacuuming wooden floors, wheels and other bits can damage the floors if you’re not careful.

Contrary to popular believe, normal mopping can do more harm than good when it comes to your wooden floor. You should damp-mop once a month with a hardwood floor cleaner. Instead of dampening with water, spray the mop head with your specialist floor cleaner. Try and use the minimum required to get the floor clean.

Clean up any spills immediately to prevent stains. Use a dampened cloth for more sticky spills but dry it as soon as possible with a microfibre cloth. Never use ammonia or normal household cleaning items on a hardwood floor.

Putting down protective rugs or mats can drastically reduce the amount of debris and dirt that comes into contact with your floor. In areas like the kitchen putting a mat in front of the sink, where water is more than likely to get splashed, will help the maintenance of your floor. Don’t forget to shake them regularly to prevent build-up.

Everyone likes a move around now and again, but dragging your furniture across the floor can seriously damage it. Lift the furniture instead or add protective pads onto the bottom of the legs. Keep your pets claws trimmed. As cute as they are, dogs and cats could be causing damage to your floor so make sure you’re treating them to a regular pamper and get their nails done!

Now, go take care of your floor!

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