Choosing the Right Heating and Cooling System for your Home

Choosing the Right Heating and Cooling System for your Home

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Whether you’re in the process of building a new home or renovating an existing one, choosing the right heating and cooling system can be a complicated process. The options available to you are extensive, with some opting for traditional open fireplaces to state of the art ducting systems.

There is a lot to consider including the likely cost of any installation as well as how efficient it will be in operation. If you’re about to specify a new heating and cooling system, keep reading and we’ll provide a helping hand.

What Are Your Requirements?

The first thing you will have to decide is whether you require heating, cooling or both. This alone will dictate the type of system you will be better of installing. Some types of heating systems are only able to provide heat whereas others can supply both at the touch of a button.

The climate within Australia is warmer than average so homeowners typically prioritise cooling over heating. If you live within an area of the country that sees less sun, then a source of heating may also be necessary.

What are the Different Types Available?

The easiest way to breakdown and sort through the sheer amount of options available on the market is to split them up into categories. We feel that categories based upon the type of fuel or power source is the best way to go.

  • Gas – A gas powered system will include gas fired central heating systems which supply hot water to radiators through the use of a water boiler. Gas powered fireplaces are also another option.
  • Solid Fuel – Solid fuel heating relates to any heating system which uses a form of solid fuel as a source of energy. This would include a traditional wood open fireplace as well as a solid fuel based stove which may be powered by pellets.
  • Electricity – Heating and cooling systems powered by electricity provide the most versatile options. It is here that you will come across air conditioning systems which have the ability to both heat and cool a home if desired.

To make sure that all bases are covered, our preference is always for systems that can provide the ability to heat and cool at will.

Installation and Running Costs

The cost of any air conditioning system, whether split or ducted, will depend upon the size of your house and what you’re trying to achieve. The more units that you install and the larger your installation, the more the upfront capital costs will be as well as your running costs.

Split air conditioning systems are beneficial for smaller homes with rooms that you don’t mind individually heating and cooling through the use of wall mounted units.

For those homeowners preferring a central air system which works through a series of ductwork, ducted systems are the way forward and can provide a low profile build where individual heating units can’t be seen.

Find the Right Installation Company

We would suggest getting in touch with the experts for advice and quotations. are one of several suppliers operating in Melbourne who can provide bespoke heating and cooling installations. The more quotations you receive the better so make sure that you approach at least three different companies.

The right heating and cooling system is going to make your home far more comfortable to live in so it’s important you choose wisely.

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