Shopping Online Is Simple and Allows You Access to High-Quality, Reasonably-Priced Household Goods

Shopping Online

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24,334 total views, no views today One of the biggest advantages that the Internet has provided is the ability to shop and order products online. Researching and purchasing the products you need without ever leaving home is invaluable, in part because you can often find a bigger selection and lower prices online than you can in regular brick-and-mortar stores. The variety of products is also surprising because it includes everything from furniture to home goods, bedding and tableware products, and much more. Ordering online is fast and simple and the fact…

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JCE Chalon sur Saône: “Is it urgent to slow down

Is it urgent to slow down

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8,274 total views, no views today The result of more than a year’s work, the 100% eco-citizen action of the JCE of Chalon sur Saône wants to enable the citizens of this Burgundy territory to appropriate the economic model of the circular economy in an innovative way And relevant. In a context of scarcity of resources, combined with the law of “always more, always faster”, the current mode of consumption has been put into reflection to find not “the” solution to better consume but “simple” axes Among them: learning to consume…

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JCE Reims: Waste, real green nuggets!

Waste, real green nuggets

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8,224 total views, no views today With regard to the valorization of bio-waste, there is still more to do … It is this observation that prompted the Junior Chamber of Economy of Reims to act, at the dawn of the entry into force, in 2016, texts of Law on the valorization of bio-waste. The thresholds for the application of these texts will concern many establishments of collective and traditional catering, responsible for the production of thousands of tons of bio-waste per year on the re-settled agglomeration. With its action “Green Pépite”,…

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JCE Limoges: Circular Economy In Business, And At Home!

Circular economy in business, and at home

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7,521 total views, no views today Like other French JCELs, the JCEL in Limoges widely apprehended the national theme 2014 of the JCEF – the circular economy – inscribed by the national team 2015 in its program, as an obvious continuity of the actions of the Junior French Economic Chamber . By adapting the stakes of this economic model to adapt them to the needs of its territory, the JCE of Limoges proposed in February a conference on the theme “Circular economy, a new lever for local growth”, in the presence…

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JCE Strasbourg: Beyond The Borders, a Network

Beyond the borders, a network

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335 total views, no views today When the “I” of “JCI” becomes meaningful, members are led to a networking dynamic across borders to build together the future of the Movement, and much more! In Strasbourg, this international dynamic has been launched since 2014, thanks to the official twinning initiated by this JCEL with three other European JCEs: Copenhagen International, Brussels and Constanta. The four organizations, of similar size, with the same passion for the international dimension of the Movement, with a similar dynamism and geographically close enough to encourage meetings, also…

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JCE Lyon: Jean Gaudry Trophy Awards Ceremony

Jean Gaudry Trophy Awards Ceremony

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148 total views, no views today On Monday November 23rd, at the IDRAC, the third edition of the Jean Gaudry Trophies ceremony was organized by the Young Economic Chamber (JCE) of Lyon. With the creation of these trophies, the JCE of Lyon wished to pay tribute to one of its former presidents Jean GAUDRY (President in 1970 – 1971), a well-informed and militant business leader, renowned for his humanism and civic commitment. The Trophies were created around two values: humanism and commitment. While the first two editions were awarded only to business…

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Updated Guest Posting Sites List

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339 total views, no views today Sr. No. Website DA 1 48 2 46 42 42 3 40 4 40 44 40 5 39 6 39 7 39 8 39 9 39 10 39 11 37 12 37 13 37 14 37 15 37 16 35 17 35 19 35 43 34 18 33 41 33 20 31 21 29 22 29 23 27…

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