Create a Home Cleaning Business

Home Cleaning Business

Personal services are growing more and more. You get your shopping, teachers go home, and there is an increasing demand for home cleaning. Indeed, many families have an ambitious active life, and parents have difficulty reconciling their work, their family, and household chores. They choose home-based services. It is an activity that requires very little investment for its launch and which is very lucrative! Starting your business If you love to make the own around you, this is the perfect opportunity to start your business, and by the same to become your own boss! Start…

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Household cleaning


You want to have more free time and enjoy more often your children, your family, your loved ones … Entrust us the household chores of your home.We provide you with strictly selected housekeepers to carry out: Regular interventionsWe ensure the weekly maintenance of your home: cleaning of the floors, sanitation, dusting of surfaces … One-off interventions We carry out cleaning of windows, the cleaning of spring, cleaning before moving in or after removal … Report after each pass Each of the interventions carried out by our  housekeepers  is the subject of a…

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Rates in Paris, Région parisienne and Annecy

Région parisienne and Annecy

At DOMICILE CLEAN, only one rate, the hourly rate, there are no application fees or management fees … Payment of benefits is made either by direct debit, bank check, wire transfer or by CESU. Home Maintenance and Housework benefit Cost after tax reduction * Hourly rate (TTC) occasional 13,50 € 27,00 € 2 to 3 hours per week 11,75 € 23.50 € 4 to 5 hours per week 11,50 € 23,00 € 6 to 12 hours per week 11,25 € 22,50 € More than 12 hours per week 11,00 €…

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In Singapore, Domestic Workers Treated As Goods

domestic workers

In Singapore, the promos apply to everything, even to human beings. The sentence looks like a bad joke, but it is all the more serious for Al Jazeera. This summer, a report by the Qatari channel has created scandal in the island by denouncing the methods of “selling” employment agencies of domestic workers, young women mostly coming from poor Asian countries like the Philippines, Myanmar or Indonesia. Since then, the question of the living conditions and recruitment of these young women, called “maids” or “helpers”, has come to the fore…

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