Can I paint my laminate countertops?

I paint my laminate countertops

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The kitchen countertops play a major role in how the kitchen looks. If you have dated or damaged laminate countertops in Vancouver, you can repaint them and rejuvenate the look of your kitchen. You can also fix any scratches, dents and dings in your countertops too. This might be a good idea if you want to refresh your kitchen to sell your home, but don’t have a countertop replacement in the budget.

Countertop refinishing kits.

You can purchase a preassembled kit to help you with your laminate countertop paint job. Most kits are for giving your counters a faux granite look and come with pre-selected paint colours. You can purchase these kits from a hardware or local building supply store. Some countertop companies might also offer these products and can provide good instructions too.

Painting your laminate countertops.

These instructions are for painting a laminate countertop to look like a granite countertop. You can read more articles about countertops here.

Step 1 – Clean the surface: Preparing the surface is very important. Clean the countertop well with soap and water. If it’s greasy, use a product like TSP or use a homemade water and vinegar mixture. After you do that, wipe the surface down with denatured alcohol, but be careful not to touch the countertop again as the oils from your hands will contaminate the surface!

Step 2 – Remove caulk, make repairs & tape: Remove the old caulking from the seams, the back wall and around sinks and faucets. If there are any deep scratches or chips in the countertop, fill them with epoxy putty and after it dries, sand it so it’s smooth. Put painters tape along everything you don’t want to paint like along the sink, backsplash and appliances. Take your time applying the tape and make sure it’s stuck down well in those tight spaces.

Step 3 – Sand the surface: Lightly sanding down the surface will allow the base coat to properly stick to the countertop. Use a 100-grit sandpaper and go over the entire surface. When that is done, wipe up the residue with a rag and use a flashlight to check for more dust. You don’t want any getting into the primer and paint!

Step 4 – Add primer: Once the surface is prepared and perfectly clean, use a quality primer and let it dry for at least half a day. If you’re unsure what paint or primer to use, go to a paint store and ask for their professional advice.

Step 5 – Start painting: After choosing the style and colours of a granite surface you like, and purchase the paints or the pre-made kit, you can start! Apply the first coat and then the next coats while the others are still damp. This will allow you to blend the colours for a more natural look. To add veins, like in real granite, use a fine-tipped artist brush and a colour that contrasts with the base colour. Finally, lightly sprinkle a few pinches of gold or silver glitter flakes over the last coat.

Step 6 – Apply the topcoat: Once the painting is complete, you can apply an acrylic polyurethane topcoat. Use a dense foam roller to do this and always apply at least two coats to get that polished granite finish.

For more instructions, read this article on painting laminate countertops.

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