Buy Best Home in Robertson Estate

Buy Best Home in Robertson Estate

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The GAMUDA Land is one of the biggest property developers in Malaysia.  They have developed the various kinds of estates, towns, hills, and suites. If you are searching for a home then must visit one of GAMUDA Land estates. The Robertson is one of the popular estates in Malaysia which is also developed by the GAMUDA Land. Basically, the Robertson is a city is the epicenter of many contemporary or retail for an urban living.  This city is very beneficial for those who which use the local transport to go for their work. To find out condo for sale in KL then must visit the official website of GAMUDA Land.

This estate is a few steps away from LRT, MRT, inter-city bus stop, and Monorail. The food, lifestyle, and fashion are also nearby to this estate. It developed in the land of up to 3 acres. In this estate, you will also get the facility of the mall to satisfy the shopping needs of the residents. The persons who want to get away from the city lifestyle then this estate is the best and ideal choice for them to stay. You can easily find out condo for sale in KL with the help of GAMUDA Land.

Features of the Robertson:

  • Rainwater used for harvesting: The best part about this estate is that they use the rainwater for harvesting their huge gardens. It will save money as well as water also. 
  • Recycle items: They also provide the facility for recycling the items which are used by residents in the estate. 
  • Security: Living in big estates the biggest concern is about of security of the family and loved ones. If you are living in the Robertson estate then it will provide you with the best security system such as 3-tire. 
  • GBI certificate: This is one of the best buildings in Malaysia because they have the certificate of GBI which proves that the building is well maintained. After every three years, the Robertson has checked their buildings to get the GBI Gold Certificate. To find out condo for sale in KL with the help of Robertson. 

Facilities of Robertson estate:

  1. Control room: In the Robertson, they have the best security system in their building. Through control room, the guard sees all the activity around the building and if they found something wrong then they will take the immediate action against that situation. 
  1. Car wash bay: The Robertson also provides the facility of car washing to their residents. Many people will go to their offices via their private vehicles, so they don’t get enough time to wash their cars. 
  1. Theater room: At level six they also provide the facility of theater room for the residents of the Robertson estate. 
  1. Sauna: In Robertson, they also provide the service of sauna rooms for the residents of the estate. 
  1. Games and snooker: At level 7 they provide the facility to children for playing the various types of games in their game room. And for adults, they made the room of snooker for playing.

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