Biggest Energy Tip for Home Improvement

Biggest Energy Tip for Home Improvement

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Home improvements often miss some important and costly factors. Maybe you didn’t realize the walls would need two coats of paint, instantly doubling your paint budget, or after trimming your hedges, the increased sunlight causes a rise in temperature, so you need to spend more cranking the A/C.

If you’re renovating, you understand the value of not settling for something just because “that’s the way it is.” So why do most people settle for inefficient energy usage in their homes? Here are some ways to save energy and some cash.


As I mentioned above, the layout of your trees and shrubs can greatly impact your cooling needs. Xeriscape your way to sustainable living!


Don’t chince out on the insulation in your walls. Even if you live in a warm area, consider investing in insulation that will keep the cool trapped inside. It’s a worthy investment.

Also consider insulating curtains to get the full effect.


Do you actually know how much you spend on energy and what it’s spent on? Energy bills are notoriously confusing and, even when you can read them, they don’t help to eliminate overuse of energy. Find an energy company that supplies to your area AND monitors your energy for you to start really saving.

Choose the Right Colors

We all know from grade school that colors are caused by certain wavelengths getting absorbed and others bouncing off and becoming visible to the eye. The same principles apply to heat waves. Depending on your area’s climate, choose paint colors that can help keep your home’s temperature where you would like it.

These are just a few of the many tips that can help you save money after the remodel, so keep them in mind when deciding how you’d like to take your house one step closer to being your ultimate dream home.

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