Amazing Benefits of Home Hand Dryers

Amazing Benefits of Home Hand Dryers

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For the discerning homeowner who is looking to update his or her bathroom and make it more environmentally friendly, easy to use, and appealing to buyers, home hand dryers are growing in popularity as more and more people realise that these great machines should not be relegated to just business and commercial bathrooms. What was once thought of as only something that a business should have and truly had the appearance of a commercial item is becoming more and more mainstream, thanks to new designs as well as homeowners who realise how useful these machines are. If you have been on the fence about installing a hand dryer in your home bathroom, read on for some of the benefits.

They’re Quiet

One of the major turn-offs that some people had about installing hand dryers in their home bathrooms was the noise. Commercial hand dryers have to blow very hard in order to be able to service all of the people that come through the bathroom but residential hand dryers are built differently. They still do a great job drying hands but because they don’t have to blow as hard, they are much quieter. The machine itself is a lot smaller as well and this contributes to how quiet they are.

Environmentally Friendly

If you use paper towels in your home bathroom, then you will understand that one of the benefits of buying a hand dryer for your home is that you will cut down on the waste and cost of buying paper towels for everyone in your home. Even if you use hand towels that you wash and then use again, you will enjoy not having to pay for the water necessary to launder the towels as often as necessary. Some families do not wash their towels as much as is really needed because they don’t want to pay for the water and detergent or even have the time to do so. None of these will be concerns with a hand dryer.


Commercial hand dryers are not known for being aesthetically pleasing but home hand dryers are a far cry from their industrial counterparts. They are sleek and perfectly designed to improve the appearance of your bathroom. A new hand dryer will make your bathroom look modern, chic, and updated.

Once you have installed your new home hand dryer, you won’t have to worry about washing laundry, buying paper towels, or staying on top of how dirty your towel is. Home hand dryers are incredibly sanitary and do a great job drying off even the wettest of hands. Buying a home hand dryer from a reputable, quality company is the best way to ensure that you are getting a machine that will work the way it is supposed to and will allow you to save time and money in the bathroom.

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