Advantages of Scaffolding Towers Over Traditional Methods

Advantages of Scaffolding Towers Over Traditional Methods

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Scaffolding towers are fast becoming the product of choice when it comes to erecting platforms for all kinds of tradesmen. Traditional methods of scaffolding were complicated, they required an expert team of builders to plan, construct and disassemble scaffold at building sites across the country. At times it was dangerous work, which resulted in a lot of on-site injuries. Conventional methods were also no good for smaller jobs and they couldn’t be built by single tradesmen.

You no longer need a team of scaffolding experts to construct a rig – As mentioned above, traditional scaffolding rigs required a skilled team of personnel to construct the feature, it often took several days to build and the same length of time to disassemble. They were a project in itself, which made outdoor tasks more difficult than they should have been. A scaffold tower can now be built by a single individual, which is perfect for tradesmen carrying out work alone. They can be constructed in a few hours once you follow the instructions in the booklet provided. Access towers are made from lightweight material that makes lifting and assembly very easy, towers can be built as high as 30 feet without any help from other individuals.

New products on the market make access towers incredibly lightweight – The material used to make access towers is now unbelievably light and easy to adjust. The old kind of scaffolding was heavy, rigid and difficult to set in place, it often took more than one person to install parts. The new lightweight components make it much easier to construct access towers, they are far less labour intensive because they can be erected without the help of a team. These lightweight products have made transportation a lot simpler too, they can be broken down into manageable pieces and transported in the boot of a car if required.

You won’t spend days trying to assemble an accesstower – New products on the market mean that assembly has become much more convenient, a single person can now construct an access tower in a matter of hours, whereas before it could take a team of skilled workers a few days to build scaffolding. A lone tradesman can now build access towers for any job, they don’t have to wait for a team of experts to construct scaffolding before they begin.

Access towers don’t require expert knowledge for construction purposes– Scaffolding towers and other types of access towers now come with a complete set of guidelines and instructions on assembly. They don’t require any expert knowledge, and anyone can have a go at building one. This makes using access towers far more accessible than before, gone are the days of hiring scaffolding experts to build access towers.

New products on the market make it far easier to construct access towers, the old methods of building scaffolding were time consuming and required a team of skilled individuals to ensure each component was fitted correctly. It was often dangerous and took a number of days to complete.

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