A Luxury Home In Singapore By Guz Architects

luxury home

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Their projects are inspired and at the same time try to stay very close to nature. The structure, materials and technology used express an almost invisible transition between the exterior and the interior. And the results are architectural projects that match and respect natural environments.

This luxury home demonstrates the philosophy of this agency. The design of the house is luxurious but create comfort and a cozy atmosphere at the same time. The house is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional house with stairs, positioned in the center of a garden whose entrance is the focal point of the project.

Luxury house in Singapore with garden and pool

The L-shaped plan creates open spaces that are for the benefit of natural ventilation and offers the owners of   the house a view of the veranda and garden. The rooftop gardens are all around the house and reminiscent of nature present throughout this house.

The large roof on the courtyard create an outdoor and at the same time interior space that leads to the garden and pool. This house is modest and luxurious at the same time and gives the possibility to live in harmony with nature.

The courtyard of the design house

Nature is present everywhere in this house

Outdoor staircase

Exterior staircase leading to pool and garden

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