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Umbra photo frames

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Umbra photo frames are becoming very popular for those wishing to make the home more dynamic and modern-looking. Umbra is a modern photo display option and the designs have been described by satisfied customers as chic, contemporary and creative.

However, Umbra does not simply end there with its beautifully crafted and well-designed photo frames, it can also include innovative products that can be used as a key ring holder, wall hook for hanging up your coat and an invisible floating book holder that will surely amaze any friends or visitors that turn up as guests in your home.

Umbra is so versatile it does not even think about stopping there! Among the many number of other umbra products there are dish racks, shower caddies for holding soaps, gels and shampoos, bedroom waste baskets, towel holders for the wiping up cloth in the kitchen and a tray that is perfect for those special times when you eat your breakfast in bed.

Among the more popular items in the umbra range of products are the best-selling wall clocks. These range from beautifully-crafted aged walnut designs, natural wood finish to a wall clock made purely from ribbon wood.

Umbra products are also great for giving to family and friends as gifts. With the autumn holiday season due to start, you may wish to offer your loved one an umbra white bird feeder, jewellery box or fish hotel white fishbowl as a great place to offer that home for the goldfish your loved one won at the fair.

Umbra products are also very practical too: there is the adjustable closet holder which acts as a great place to store all those extra pairs you bought last summer; an umbra set of four bowls for starters or appetizers; a vanity organiser with mirror and a freestanding Audrey organiser. There are just so many gift ideas within the umbra products range that you may well have nailed those presents for all the family in one fail swoop.

What is so unique about the photo frames on sale at online stores such as Contemporary Heaven, is that you might well have never seen a product design anything like it, anywhere else in a store or online?

We are sure the receiver of any gifts bearing the umbra design will want to know how you came up with such a candid eye for creative and well-crafted products.

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