A guide to getting a loft conversion in Surrey

A guide to getting a loft conversion in Surrey

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  • Why convert your loft

A loft conversion is usually the easiest way to create more living space within a property. The space has already been created, so it’s a case of conversion rather than a rebuild from scratch.

Specialist loft conversion companies can transform loft space into a cosy accommodation, be that a bedroom, work room, office or man cave.

The finished results of a conversion often far exceed expectations, the loft has gone, replaced by a contemporary delightful and practical living space.

What’s more an extra room may well add considerable value to the property!

  • How do I know if my loft is suitable for conversion?

There are regulations aplenty that will determine the answer to this question.

There are guidelines as to head height requirements, over all physical dimensions, roof pitch, and type of roof structure; however don’t be put off, building regulations and planning demands are not overly intricate or demanding.

Indeed, in most instances, planning permission is not required.

However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Get your local loft conversion specialist to take a look at the space; explain your requirements and seek his or her guidance. An experienced operator will know all the potential pitfalls and will guide you through the web of red tape.

Furthermore, it may be necessary to relocate, adapt or replace obstructions, in particular the water tank. Again, take advice from an expert before ploughing ahead into the unknown.

  • How much will it all cost?

Of course this will very much be determined by the extent of the work required. There are many figures bandied around, however the general consensus is that the average loft conversion will cost anything from £20K – £30K.

The wisest option is to first get a quote from a couple of installation companies. Always bear in mind, the cheapest is not necessarily the best!

  • How do I find a good company in Surrey?

The obvious place to start is on the internet. Go online and browse the possibilities. Certainly, should you live in Surrey, then find a company operating within your area. They may have a local showroom, or at least an opportunity to meet and discuss your requirements face to face.

With this in mind choose a company with an established reputation; one with an impressive portfolio and one with glowing testimonials from actual customers. The attitude of staff is also an indications of a company’s professionalism; are they helpful, knowledgeable and easy to contact?

Furthermore, do they have an informative, easy to navigate website? Does the site show examples of work and can you readily engage in conversation?

  • In conclusion

Taking a few cautious steps from the out start could save you a lot of fuss and anxiety. There are many excellent craftsmen capable of converting your loft into a very special feature; finding a company in Surrey with the necessary credentials should not prove too difficult a task.

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