A Guide to a Smooth House Relocation

A Guide to a Smooth House Relocation

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Moving is one of the most dreaded of activities, as it can be a very stressful time, what with the old property and the new dwelling to be prepared, and if you are soon to be relocating, there is indeed much to arrange. Sourcing a good removal company is half the battle, as they will take the strain and ensure a trouble-free transition, and with that in mind, here is some good advice to help you prepare for the up and coming move.

  • Deciding What Goes – It is only when we move house that we realise just how much stuff we have managed to accumulate. We all have a spare room, and this is where the majority of unwanted items end up. There’s little point in asking removal companies to quote if you are not absolutely sure what must be transported, and you and the family can do this in a single day, and by hiring a skip from a local provider, everything that is not on the list can be disposed of responsibly. If you happen to be moving house to Torquay, there is a local removal company that ticks all the boxes, and with a comprehensive packing service, all you need to do is create a list and the team will do the rest.
  • Sourcing the Removal Company – The Internet can help you with this, and after some browsing, you should be able to narrow down your choice to several contractors, and by asking each one to quote for the job, you are in a position to make an informed decision. Storage is something you are likely to need, as most moves have to be timed in a way that means storing your possessions is necessary. Obviously, the removal company has to be happy with the destination, and the ideal company would be one that has international connections and can facilitate a move to any global location.
  • The Old Property – Assuming the house has been sold, the new owners will expect things to be clean and orderly, so make sure that you and the family are armed with brooms, mops and buckets. Failing that, you can hire a local contractor to do a house clean, and with the utility companies informed of your leaving date, the gas and electric will be terminated once you leave.
  • The New Residence – It is essential that the utilities are connected up prior to your arrival, and this can be done on the phone – well in advance – which will ensure you have power, water and heating when you move in. There’s no better time to do a spring clean than when you first move in, so organise a team of keen cleaners to go in a day or so before the move date. Telecommunications cannot be overlooked, as we all need to be online, and by talking to your local Internet provider ahead of time, you can ensure the connection is active when you arrive.

The key to a successful move lies with the planning, and of course, hiring the right removal company, who will take the stress out of the experience, allowing you to focus on the new chapter in your life.

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