A Checklist for Home Cleaning – Alleviating the Stress of Tidying Up Your Home

Home Cleaning

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When you hire a professional, their professional cleaners clean up your home with a firm and well-proved game plan in mind. They usually adopt a strategy which makes them clean in a rather organized and systematic way and they even have the versatility of implementing the wishes of the homeowner as well. Do you want to know the secrets of the home cleaning services?

Sharing is always a good thing and when people get to know the secrets of cleaning their homes, they end up tidying their homes in a more professional and systematic manner. We offer you our checklist of cleaning your home thoroughly and effectively. Read on the list and try to keep them in mind when you start off with this noble job.

  • Choose to declutter: Before you begin to step from one room to another, make sure you pause and put on some lively music. Now that you feel energized by listening to your favorite song, you can transfer that energy to your otherwise boring task of decluttering. Don’t feel hesitated to second-guess your belongings. Remember that the lesser you have, the lesser you would have to give away, dust and keep clean. Take a close look at your magazines, books, newspapers, furniture, newspapers, toys, DVD, old clothes and shoes that are kept in the shoe closet. Do you think it’s high time you recycle or donate? Make sure you turn the lights and fans off while starting off with your dusting task.
  • Minimize and organize: If you consider your closets, this is one area where you can plan to minimize in order to organize. What about your old clothes and old shoes? Don’t you wish you could give them away to the needy? Face your desires and learn how to donate or recycle so that you can organize your closet in the best possible way.
  • Dust off with microfiber dusters: Dust from top to bottom and from left to right and make sure you use microfiber cloths as dusters. If you’re left wondering why you should use microfiber dusters, then this is for reducing the level of allergen and boosting the quality of air inside your house. If you can tie damp cloths to the end of brooms and mops, this works great for fighting cobwebs. For your venetian blinds, use the string to close them and dust and again repeat the process the other way and dust the other side. For cleaning the face of TV screens, monitors and photo frames, use a cotton cloth and a glass cleaner.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner: One more thing to ensure is that your compartment is not full enough and for that you’ve got to use the best attachments and settings. Clean the floors with a vacuum cleaner and also use it for the upholstered furniture. You will soon find those missed items like your favorite pen or your socks lying under the sofa or the cushions.
  • Sweep and treat floors: When it comes to mopping, begin with the farthest corner of the room and then move towards the entrance of the room. Rinse the mop after you complete each of the 4X4 area of the floor.
  • Freshening of furniture: Often you should give a good round of waxing to all the wooden furniture that you have in your home. They can be kept perfect this way.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of cleaning your home, before you rush to a professional cleaner, try your hand once by following the above mentioned steps.

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