7 Reasons Why Your Next Portrait Painting Should Be A Self Portrait

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When it comes to portrait painting nothing is more convenient yet trickier than a self portrait. We are well aware of all our facial features better than anybody else, even then when it comes to paint it on a canvas there are so many things that turns out to be difficult to figure out. Here is where we need to draw the line between how we see ourselves against how we present ourselves. In this article we will give you some solid and interesting reasons why your next portrait painting should be a self portrait.

  1. You Are Your Best Available Model

If you do live paintings, you would also know how much models charge for having their painting done. It could burn a hole in your pocket. But if you are planning to do a self portrait you could put those tensions in the backburn. Not just that, you can pose as you like and however it is comfortable for you. You do not need to fix appointments with anyone and only need to find your own sweet time to start with the painting session.

  1. Analyse Yourself

When you do a self portrait you will realise so many things about your facial features that you might not have noticed before – it could be the colour of your eyes or the shape of your nostril. It is like looking into the mirror one fine day and getting to observe yourself even better.

  1. You Are Your Own Statement!

Painting of any form whether it be self portrait or otherwise, requires good amount of time, perseverance and focus. Figure out before you start with the painting “what is it that I want to show in the painting?” You might want to make a bold statement or keep it really simple – it is entirely up to you.

  1. It Is A Good Form Of Practise

The fact that you can make your self portrait at ease means that you are a skilled portrait painter. Because doing it is not an easy task. One’s face is not as easy to draw and paint on canvas as it seems, no matter how well acquainted you might be with your features. As they say “simple is harder than complex” – the same goes for a self portrait.

  1. It Is Your Perception!

Your personality should reflect in your self portrait. It should be the right kind of reflection of oneself. It is okay how people might perceive you but what you paint on canvas should be a true blue reflection and perception of your ownself.

  1. It Will Improve Your Portrait Painting Skills

Doing a self portrait painting should be a religious practise for you – something that you practise every month or so. It becomes a lot more personal to do a self portrait. Your understanding of facial features will widen with time and it will make the process of portrait painting a lot more easier and smoother for you over time.

  1. The Best Form Of Experimentation

At times it could so happen that you do not like a certain facial feature for yours and would want to modify it in your painting. You have the freedom to do so in a self portrait! You can further experiment with the colour combinations and angles in the painting. In some way it will become an exercise for you. You can experiment with the subtleties of your face and the mood of the painting.

Self portrait is a great way of expressing yourself on canvas. You have the freedom to choose the colours, the background, and the shades. May be the background of your studio might not be too good for the painting, in that case you could even make a landscape as a background. So what are your thoughts on it? Experiment with your moods and expressions and make them come alive on canvas. Throw some bright colours or subtle ones depending on your medium and preference. If you have some ideas on the same, share with us on the comment section below. Happy Painting!

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