5 ways to prepare your houseplants for spring

prepare your houseplants for spring

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Spring cleaning is not only about cleaning the closets and the garage, but also giving your plants some care to keep them healthy, green and healthy!

1. Get rid of dust and dirt

At the end of a long winter inside, the plants need a deep cleaning. Once care is taken, they will proudly sit on the patio.

Dust and dirt deposited on leaves prevent photosynthesis, a process that allows plants to absorb the sun’s rays and the carbon dioxide they need to grow. The best way to get rid of them is to give them a shower, which will also eliminate potential insects. Here’s how:0

Place the pot in a plastic bag and close it against the base of the plant, taking care not to damage it. So you will avoid soaking it.
If the plant has several stems, spread plastic bags on the ground between them.

Put the plant in the shower and set to temperature so that the water is lukewarm; Avoid hot or cold water.
Leave it under water for a few minutes.

Mineral accumulation
If your plants appear dull at the shower exit, it may be that the water is overloaded with minerals. To remove them, put a clean dry cloth on the smooth sheets (avoid this treatment if the leaves are hairy). Hold the leaves in turn with your free hand while you clean them. You can also gently scrape the sheet with your thumb to remove the minerals.

For hairy plants, first gently put a duster on their leaves before showering them.

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