5 Tips for Farmhouse Style Décor

5 Tips for Farmhouse Style Décor

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Farmhouse décor is one of the latest trends in home design that gives ample room for creativity and it’s perfect for all seasons. You can mix different styles to get the desired result. Homeowners that want to decorate their home on a budget now find this style a cost-effective option. It is welcoming and offer comfort to both the occupants of a home and their visitors.Here are some of the ways to infuse farmhouse décor into your home.

1.     Paint your walls

The first step is to paint your walls in neutral colors like white, gray, cream beige or ivory. It will serve as a canvas for other things such as furniture, accessories and accent pieces. Ensure that you stay away from very bright colors when decorating.Most people discover that it’s easier to introduce other colors once they use neutral curtains and rug too. You can decide to paint all the rooms with the same color or not. Apart from painting your walls, consider painting old furniture that is still in good condition.

2.     Purchase vintage furniture and accessories

Vintage furniture and accessories are really affordable and tend to last for years as long as you buy them from reliable stores. They can help to spice up your living room, bedroom and outdoor space. The bottom line is to mix them with the modern ones so that your home will reflect your personality effortlessly. For instance,pairing a vintage chair with the latest sofa or table. Getting slipcovers for wooden chairs will a long way to soften the look of a living room.

3.     Invest in natural fabrics

Fabrics have remained one of the favorite decoration elements for centuries.They are an intrinsic part of other décor styles.The common types include different varieties of cotton, ticking, linen and burlap. They can add charm to any home when used for throws and pillows. Opt for neutral colors as you shop online or visit a brick and mortar store.

4.     Get farmhouse light fixtures

Light fixtures are a must-have for every home whether your preferred style is shabby chic decor, bohemian oreclectic. The good thing is that certain ones are vintage inspired and doesn’t even cost a fortune. Adding them alone will drastically alter the look of a room and help define your style.

5.     Maximize open and closed storage

An open storage system can serve as a means of showing off your collections which may include family heirlooms or stuff from your travels. You will also be decorating your living room at the same time. On the other hand, a closed storage system enables you to store other items, especially valuables or the not so attractive ones. Take advantage of both options to maximize space.

It will take time and effort before you can transform the décor style of your home completely. The ideal thing is to combine old and new elements in order to strike a balance and achieve a sophisticated look.

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