5 Reasons Why You Need Under floor Insulation

5 Reasons Why You Need Under floor Insulation

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More often than not, home insulation focuses more on the attics and exterior walls. However, homeowners need to know that they would save a great deal on their heating and cooling bills if they were to insulate the spaces found underneath their floors. Whether your home has a basement or an unheated cellar, Knauf Insulation’s under floor insulation significantly cuts down on home heating costs. This kind of insulation comes in many different forms. Below are five reasons why your home needsunder floor insulation.

  1. It eradicates Drafts

Under floor insulation comes very much in handy in terms of eliminating drafts, especially for homes which are raised some distance from the ground. Under-floor insulation will ensure that drafts are prevented from entry through the gaps between the ground and the floors. One way of doing it is placing firm insulation panels so that they tightly fit and seal any spaces that might exist in between the joists and the insulation. This kind of sealing is essential since the wood is bound to expand and contractdue to moisture and temperature changes.

  1. It Forms A Vapour Barrier And Lessens Moisture

Most wood floors are known to be susceptible to moisture. Applying an insulation layer between the ground and the floor goes a long way in creating a barrier which effectively prevents moisture from seeping in and soaking the wooden floor. Such a possibility would eventually see the floor stained or even warped. Hence a complete barrier made of insulation with firm corners or panels would be necessary.

  1. It Curbs Heat Loss

One of the main benefits of under-floor insulation is the fact that it helps in the retention of heat within the house, but won’t necessarily warm the floor per se. This means that the under-floorinsulation might actually be colder than the interior due to the cold air from outside. Therefore, the floor will neither be colder nor, nor will it have a warming sensation.

  1. It Is Economical Than Trying To Insulate all Uninsulated Spaces

In case your home has an unheated room above the garage or basement, going for under-floor insulation could be the cheapest option instead of ductwork or any other form of insulation. When you opt for under- floor insulation, it is advisable to ensure that the space between the joists and insulation is air-sealed, and the cracks in between the unheated and hearted rooms filled too. This keeps away contaminantssuch as musty air, moisture and exhaust from infiltrating into the living space.

  1. It Keeps Pipes From Freezing

If your home has some piping under the floor, insulation comes with some extra fortification. This is especially helpful in climates that have freezing winters, where pipes are vulnerable to either bursting or cracking whenever the water in then freezes. Applying a layer of insulation between the home exterior and the pipes easily reduces the risk of pipes bursting during winter.

The other option, in very cold climates, is sealing off the space between the ground and floor by applying insulation on the exterior wall instead of the floor.

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