5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Make in Your Blender


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as the person basically breaks his/her fast of nearly 10-12 hours. Still, often people neglect this most important meal citing various reasons like lack of time, too busy, getting late for work etc. It is in this scenario that a very useful kitchen appliance comes to your rescue – a blender.

This humble and versatile appliance helps in doling out some healthy breakfast recipes and that too in virtually no time to keep you healthy and nourished throughout the day.

It’s a saviour amidst our hectic schedules to keep us full in a healthy way when we don’t really have time to sit and have three meals. Using your blender to blend together some smoothies that are loaded with vitamins, minerals and the fibre is an ideal way to start the day on a healthy note.

Here are few healthy breakfast recipes to try in your blender.

  1. Spinach and Banana Smoothie: Both spinach and banana are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals and blending them together with some milk is an ideal recipe for breakfast. You can even use almond milk and if you want the smoothie to be a little sweeter try adding little honey instead of sugar. This is a nutrition-packed smoothie, which is extremely healthy and filling.
  1. Vegetable Power: Blend some veggies like carrot, beetroot, Indian gooseberry and spinach with some coriander and mint. For extra taste, add a fruit like watermelon or pomegranate. Drink this glass that is overflowing with all the necessary minerals and vitamins that you need to pull you through the day. This one glass has enough power to keep you energetic throughout the day and that too without adding unnecessary calories.
  1. Mango Banana Smoothie: Summer is an ideal time to try this recipe for breakfast. Take one cup mango, one banana and half a cup of cold plain milk. You can substitute plain milk with almond milk if you want. Put everything in the blender and once smooth just pour in a glass and gulp it down. You can also add crushed ice if you want some extra coolness. Mango is rightly called the king of fruits as it’s a powerhouse of vital nutrients and vitamins. One cup of mango alone contains 100% vitamin C, 35%, 10%, 20% of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and Folate respectively. It also has 8% of Potassium and Vitamin K. Banana is also a super nutritious fruit and thus the blend of both makes the perfect choice for a healthy breakfast.
  1. Date and Apple Smoothie: ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ goes the famous saying. Pair a cup of roughly chopped apple with 10 finely chopped deseeded dates. Add a little chilled milk and a dash of cinnamon powder to the blender. If you want, you can also add few drops of vanilla essence. Blend all ingredients together to form a smooth and frothy mixture. This power-packed smoothie is good for diabetics too as dates are known to be good for diabetics.
  1. Complete Meal: Soak 2 figs and 8 almonds overnight. In the morning, peel the almonds and add figs and peeled almonds with a spoon of oats, banana and milk. Blend until smooth and have this super delicious smoothie that is loaded with nutrients and is very filling. The best part is that there is no added sugar and the sweetness comes from figs and banana.

Skipping breakfast is the worst thing that you can do to your health. Make use of a blender to make these easy and healthy smoothies for breakfast if you are hard pressed for time.

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